Capture the "City Life" Through J-Claud's Emotion Filled Sound

Effortlessly fusing a sound that reflects on hip-hop and R&B tenors as he hones in on his signature panache, Daytona Beach rapper J-Claud, has been crafting music since the age of 14. Sharpening his pen takes work, and that's why J-Claud understands the nature of the work ethic that needs to go in day to day to stay at the top of his game.

Enhancing his visualization techniques through a brilliant display of songwriting in his most recent single, "City Life," J-Claud exercises his ability to play into the five senses by making something intangible to take in. With lyrics inspired by his life experiences, listeners can expect to hear J-Claud take his worldly experience into his compelling sound as you listen to glimmers of New York and London in the musical compositions he crafts.

Connecting with the emotional needs of his audience in "City Lights," get ready for J-Claud to navigate you through a sonic vessel of his thoughts on his mission to evoke emotion, vulnerability, and drive.

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