Cash Burner 5000 Proves To Be An Authentic Lyricist In “Black Kids”

By: Edwund F - February 12, 2020

Cash Burner 5000 recently released a thought-provoking hit that will leave you consciously aware. Cash Burner 5000 single “Black Kids” is a powerful song that depicts the theme of multiple struggles that black youth encounters. It’s a relatable song that will touch many lives who share this same story. Cash Burner 5000 is a socially conscious rapper with a trendy flow and a creative ability to deliver catchy metaphors and exciting hooks. “Black Kids” is a well-delivered hit with an even more inspiring visual. In the music video to “Black Kids”, Cash Burner 5000 displays different scenes of black women and children which delivers a powerful representation of the song, making everything significantly more authentic and honest.

Cash Burner 5000 uses writing as his escape from the triumphs he faced as a youth. He’s inspired by many lyrical legends such as Tupac, Jay-Z, and DMX. You can tell these influences are inducted in his own individual style. “Black Kids” was a stimulating song that opens your mind to the current state of our society. Cash Burner 5000 is a real straight-forward rapper whose approach will leave him with the respect he deserves.

Listen to “Black Kids” by Cash Burner 5000 here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Cash Burner 5000! Knowing you’ve released 6 indie projects to date, how do you manage to consistently and constantly evolve your style and sound? In what ways have you grown as an artist?

I use my surroundings to evolve and I come up with new topics. I come up with most of my music by riding ideas pop in my head. I might see something words start coming then I have a new song. The sound I usually leave it to the producer I work with like when I and DJ Doughboy who did produce the whole Roselle 07203 The next project or music won't sound like that. Most people I work are resting new sounds so when you hear my music you see alot of people say he different.

Your single “Black Kids” seemed to have a powerful message that was heard through the lyricism. Can you detail to us your meaning of this song and what drove you to write this?

Black people's history In this country is filled with so much love and pain. You know I wanted to write from the perspective of the everyday black man and what he experiences growing up in certain conditions. The fight to overcome obstacles and succeed. That's why the Denzel Clip from the Equalizer 2 Movie when he told Miles played by Ashton Sanders is so important to the intro you got a shot use it while you still alive no excuses we are people who don't throw in the white towel when things get ruff we find away.

Let’s talk about the video! We noticed different scenes of statues and portraits of black women and children. In what ways does this element represent the song meaning for you?

We shot the video in the Brooklyn Museum. The statues and portraits represent the greatness in the culture it brings out the message I wanted to come across in the video. Black Kids that came up to do legendary and great things. Every piece of art in the video has a historical meaning. Intelligent minds created this. So that's what I wanted to showcase in the music video.

Knowing the current market of hip-hop can be filled with club hits. How do you hope the youth digest “Black Kids”?

So far the video has 20k views and still going all the people listening and commenting I've seen nothing but love for the video. The club is temporary you have a temporary feeling from it after the music cuts off. Black Kids are something that's gonna last in your mind. The message the meaning you can use to Apply in your life. I only wanted to inspire and I did hopefully It continues to grow and reach an even bigger audience.

What can we expect to see next from you?

New Cash Burner 5000 Project before 2020 is out. I have new singles I'm going to be releasing at the end of February New Music In March. Next couple of months I'm going on a Run to position myself in the game and let the world know I'm on the court. CAME HOME BOSSED UP VIDEO will be' out soon.