Catch "A Vibe" With Samson Brown's Summer Hit

The hip-hop and R&B artist, Samson Brown, has released his third single of the year, "A Vibe." This is not only the artist's first single written and recorded in Vancouver but also his first time working with producer, Koji.

Coming in hot, right in the nick of time, the summer energy sprawled across this hit single fuses together laid-back, lo-fi instrumentation, and the driving sense of anticipation that comes from the heated adventures of the season.

The wistful essence that Samson Brown has invited listeners to take part in has the speakers filled with illuminating hues of creativity. Taking pieces of Koji’s production ear, and his own rhythmic escapades, “A Vibe,” has us fully immersed in the feel-good energy that is portrayed. Each lyric he performs is propelled with an unbothered swagger that comes to Samson Brown as second nature. You hear just how at home he is in a realm that takes on various elements of his craft and brings his audience a refreshing take of what Samson Brown is capable of.

Smooth as butter cadences gracefully cascade upon the well-balanced production and mix development, as “A Vibe,” rests at the top of the totem for us when it comes to summertime bops. Taking his talents to a newfound level that has us immersed in everything Samson Brown does best, we’ll gladly sip a cold beverage and get lost in “A Vibe,” during our antics this season.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Samson Brown, and congratulations on the release of “A Vibe.” This collaboration between yourself and Koji hits it out of the park! How did you both come to work with one another? What was this experience like?

Thank you! It's crazy because I and Koji make two different genres of music, he's more into the EDM realm, I'm into Hip-Hop so it was definitely a challenge at first figuring out the vibe we both liked but in less than an hour we came up with the perfect vibe "A Vibe"

In your own words, what does “A Vibe,” mean to you? What are you hoping that your listeners take away from it?

A vibe means enjoying life to the fullest. This journey that we're all on can sometimes get crazy, with covid and everything else that goes on in the world it's easy to forget how to simply enjoy life when you're focused on all the bad. Enjoy life, there are always going to be ups and downs but as long as you remain true to your goals and yourself it'll always be a vibe to remember!

In terms of taking on a sound that is new to your music catalog, how did you feel that the creative process went in terms of agility? Can we expect more in this realm of sound from you in the future?

I always love to try new things when it comes to music. I hope I collab with more EDM artists in the future to see how far I can take it. I always want my fans to be excited when something new drops and not expect the same old over and over again.

What is your mission statement as an artist? How do you apply it to each thing you do, or create?

Be Real Stay true to yourself and the rest will follow. I apply this teaching every day and it's ultimately whats helped me get to where I am today

What's next for you?

Working on the music video for a vibe but we already have an August release that I know everyone will love ready so stay tuned!