Catch Alexis Branch, Davis Chris, Mr. Foster, and BeatKing in a Hot New Single

Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and r&b/soul artist Alexis Branch teams up with artists/producers Davis Chris, Mr. Foster, and BeatKing for their latest bop, "Ooo Baby."

New to the r&b scene but very familiar with the industry, international artist Alexis Branch began her singing career with her created group BLISS, managed by her father. Fast forward to today, Alexis Branch is living proof that dedication, resiliency, and passion always go a long way as she continues to make her mark on any listener who graces her versatile tunes.

Pairing up with Davis Chris, Mr. Foster, and BeatKing for their sultry and groovy single, "Ooo Baby," listeners are able to fully experience what these artists have to offer. As their profound soul and passion seep through our speakers alongside the song's bouncy production, we're left in a deep state of desire that has our hearts beating out of our chests.

Hitting play on "Ooo Baby," the track kicks off with a warm piano melody and Alexis Branch's uplifting vocal stylings that deepen the song's groove and energy. As she jumps into her first verse, Branch takes us on a sweet sonic venture with her charismatic delivery alongside the song's sweet and savory production.

As she makes her way to the hook, Davis Chris hops on the track and serenades us with his stunning harmonies that pave the way for Mr. Foster's dominant verse. We love the deepness and overall tonality that Mr. Foster's vocals have to offer, as it adds this brilliant dynamic feel to the track as we make our way around the soulful hook one last time.

We're more than impressed with the lush and passionate listening experience of Alexis Branch's latest collaboration with Mr. Foster, Davis Chris, and BeatKing for "Ooo Baby." Find the savory single on all digital streaming platforms.

What a massive and wave-making single you've released with "Ooo Baby." How long was the single in the making? How did the song initially come to life?

Thank you so much! I am actually still processing how dope the feedback has been. It’s about to get bigger! We’re on BILLBOARD! That’s huge to me. Davis and Shane made this record and needed a female perspective on it which is when I came into play. They were like “we have this record we want you on, it’s a smash”. This was last year in the middle of the pandemic and at a time I was going through some personal changes so my drive was at its lowest. But I’m so grateful they got me out for this one! Those are like my brothers now and their success individually was inspiring.

What inspired you to collaborate with Davis Chris, Mr. Foster, and BeatKing for "Ooo Baby"? What was your experience working alongside these artists/producers?

I haven’t met Beatking yet. Once we shoot the video then I’m sure I’ll meet him then. Everyone is scattered over the map so once I recorded my part they sent it off to him for his verse. As for Davis and Shane, they pulled my cartoon character “Litty Lex” for a previous record called “Realest in the room” which is featuring me rapping. The record is also DOPE! We’re going to re-release that because we dropped it with absolutely NO promo. It was like whoop, here y’all go, bye. Lol (again, I was going through things at that time). Working with them has been nothing short of amazing. It’s organic and genuine. They appreciate the time I’ve put in this industry and vice versa. Real recognize real and I’m humbled they chose me.

Who created the sweet production for "Ooo Baby"? Was this a collaboration between BeatKing, Davis Chris, and Mr. Foster?

That would be Davis Chris and Shane Foster. Davis originally replayed the interpolation of the chords of “Sweet Lady” and then further collaborated with Mr Foster on the creation of “Ooo Baby”. They had a concept and idea of making a new fresh version of it with a female perspective (insert me). They said my presence on the record made a huge difference and that my “vocals and charismatic presence were awesome”. Adding Beatking to it was a nice touch that gave it a nice urban feel. It took them TWO YEARS to clear this record. That just goes to show when you truly believe in something, you stay patient and persistent.

How did you want to make the listener feel after experiencing "Ooo Baby"? What sort of emotions or feelings did you want to evoke in your audience?

Nostalgia! Because that’s what I felt. It really does pay homage to Tyrese ALL THE WAY DOWN! If you listen to what I’m saying in the verse I’m actually describing a movie scene (personally one of my favorites starring Tyrese) I’ll let y’all guess when you hear it lol. It’s a fun, feel-good record. The hook is catchy, the beat rides. It encompasses everything that makes a record a hit to me. I just want this listener to turn it on and automatically feel that spirit run through their body that says “THIS MY SHIT”

What's next for you?

whew, this is gonna turn into a book! LMAO. Let me try to sum it up. I’m officially BACK. We’re going to be promoting “Ooo Baby” for a minute but at the same time, I’m back in the studio! I have a lot on my plate right now (no complaints, absolutely blessings) but as far as music, I have a few I’m about to release. We’re going to shoot the video for Ooo Baby, of course, Shout-out to Boogie! He’s the director and never hesitates to jump on a meeting with me every time I send a new record over!

I have a record with a producer named J-Dub who produced a bunch of songs by Aaliyah, including one of my favorites “I refuse”. Everyone knows that Aaliyah is one of my idols so that alone just gives me chills! Like what?!? Such a blessing!

I also have a record coming out with HitManHolla! The DOPEST battle rapper out and now he’s turned into a full-on rapper! Dope energy since the day we met. He and his girlfriend Cinny just clicked and became family.

Another one with my fam “Raz-B” from B2k. You already know that video is gonna be DANCE DOWN! It’s amazing to work with such an amazing talent whose music I grew up with! AND he’s a fellow Gemini so the link-up was inevitable!

Lastly, the one and only Shaquille O’ Neal also produced a record for me! DIESEL! Love that guy. Meeting him was random, but we just had a hookah and a conversation and I didn’t even know he did the music. He’s like “YOU DON’T KNOW SHAQ DIESEL?” I was in my head like “omg Lex you just offended this legend” Lmao. But he caught me up on his music side and was like hey, I’m about to send you a record….I wrote and recorded it the next day

So what’s next? EVERYTHING, but those are just a few things.