Catch The American Hotel System's Live Performance in a New Music Video

From Grand Rapids, Michigan, the ear-pleasing rock band The AmericanHotelSystem returns with another soulful performance through their latest music video, "Chains."

Comprised of Jacob Betts, Hailey Petty, Jake LaMotte, Samuel Overman, and C.T. McCallister, The American Hotel System never fails to swoon their listeners with their charm, powerful messages, and engaging live performances. Aiming to provoke the mind through their meaningful lyrics, The American Hotel System regularly touches on themes of love, loneliness, and politics.

Through their recent single, "Chains," listeners can reacquaint themselves with the band's soulful stylings, especially through their latest live performance music video. While singing an empowering message of facing adversity dead in the face, The American Hotel System offers an incredibly ear-pleasing performance to keep us locked into the entire experience.

Hitting play on their music video for "Chains," the scene opens with another Dogtown Studio live recording through Jacob Betts' soulful rhythm guitar and C.T. McCallister's pastel pink lead guitar. As Betts starts the venture with his tender vocals, he sings an emotional message of being exhausted from life's trials and tribulations while continuing to stand firm in his ground and avoiding being tugged down by life's heavy chains.

Once Hailey Petty's smooth drums make their way in, the camera pans over to her focussed performance as she maintains the band's soulful rhythm. Towards the video's end, the camera later pans over to Samuel Overman and Jake LaMotte, who add their powerful backing vocals alongside their thumping bassline and accompanying guitar.

We're always pleased to feature the stylings of The AmericanHotelSystem, especially as they continue to pull on our heartstrings with powerful songs and videos like "Chains," now available to view on YouTube and stream on all digital streaming platforms.