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Three-Piece British Pop-Rock Boundless Brothers Release Their New EP “Even for a Moment”

Boundless Brothers are a three-piece British pop-rock band becoming extremely well-known for their impressive lyricism, contemporary melodies, and stunning harmonies. There’s nothing but magic in the air when Sam, Seb, and Bo play live. Boundless Brothers have an impressive musical repertoire and list of accomplishments a mile long including playing live shows everywhere from Oceanfest, Looe Music Festival and Shrewsbury Festival to Cambridge Folk Festival, Clarence Park Festival and Port Eliot. This year, the trio released their diverse 5-track EP titled “Cause and Effect”. The first single released from the EP was “Only Love”, followed up by “Give a Little Love”, the band’s most contemporary song on the project. “Give A Little Love” also comes equipped with a spectacular music video. It captures a live performance set up on the beach and showcases the band undeniable chemistry.

The main theme of the EP is the ups and downs of love and how it can sometimes make you feel both great and terrible in equal measure. Also featured on the EP is the emotional ballad, “Even for a Moment”, truly proving Boundless Brothers’ versatility and promising to make their audience shed a tear or two when they hear the vocal harmonies performed live. Absolutely worth a listen! Listen to “Cause and Effect” here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic! Congratulations on the success of your EP “Cause and Effect”! How long was this project in the works? 

We have been working on this project on and off for the past 2 years, so it's been a while in the making. We started recording with a good friend of ours named Adam Floyd and slowly finished it off ourselves, at our home studio. We then sent it back to Adam when it was done, to do the final mastering. We are so happy with the end result and have had great feedback so far!

We’re so happy to see 3 more brand new tracks included on this release, which song from your EP would you say BEST describes your musical approach? 

The title track 'Cause and effect' is the track that would describe our musical approach best, as we really tried to focus on the lyrics and harmonies throughout the song, which is something we like to put as the main focus of any of our musical arrangements. This song also gave us the chance to work on the production side of recording in a way that we haven't managed to do in previous recording. We had a lot of fun layering electric guitars and violins to get a sound that we were really pleased with.

“Give a Little Love” is one of our absolute favorites! Equipped with upbeat energy, the lyrics seem to hold a deeper meaning. Can you tell our readers about the inspiration behind this track? 

The inspiration for 'Give a little love' came from a feeling that I think most people have, the feeling that you aren't really getting what you want from life and the desire to make a change and better yourself and help those closest to you.

“Even for a Moment” really introduces your listeners to a versatile side of Boundless Brothers that we’ve never seen before! Do you feel like it’s important to remain versatile in your music? What can you tell us about this song? 

We think that it's extremely important to remain versatile in your music, both for the people who are listening to your music and for yourselves. As a band we have a really varied taste in music, which I think comes across in our songs, as they don't tend to fit into one genre or sound. This helps keep us excited and challenged whenever we get a new song in. Even for a moment was one of these songs that we had never tried to do before, so it was a real challenge to work out how best to record it and fit it in with the other songs. It was also the song we spent the most time recording and arranging and is possibly the one we are most proud of, but we don't like to pick favourites aha.

The music video for “Give a Little Love” is incredible! What do you hope your listeners take away from it? 

For the music video for 'Give a little love' we really tried to show that no matter how you are feeling, there are always people around that want to support you. We were lucky enough to get a bunch of our family/friends and amazing fans of ours to make an appearance in the video to try and get this message of togetherness across, which ended up as a massive jam session and a video that we are really happy with.

Thank you so much for chatting with us once again! What's next for Boundless Brothers? Do you have any parting words or announcements for the BuzzMusic community?

Thank you for taking the time to chat to us, we are currently booking up our tour dates for 2020, which is going great so far! Also, we have just started work on some new music, which we will hope to have ready for next year! We really hope anyone who has listened enjoys our music and we hope to bring you more very soon.



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