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Catching Up With JADN & Their Recent Music!

Welcome to BuzzMusic JADN! Knowing you record most of your music in your bedroom, do you stumble upon any major challenges or obstacles? Do you prefer the bedroom setting as opposed to a major studio? Why or Why not?

Thanks for having us! We so enjoy producing in our bedroom more than anything. We love being able to take our time with the recording process, making our own creative and production decisions that are true to us. As far as a setback, maybe not having as much of the big expensive gear or properly isolated rooms. You gotta love a good professional studio! All of us have had some experience either engineering or recording in a true studio, and we may or may not be planning on recording some of the next albums in one... 

You've been killing it at various venues around NYC! What's your favorite element when it comes to performing and why? Do you have any pre-performance rituals?

We love the energy of a live set. Hearing your music fill the room and the crowd singing it’s the greatest feeling. I also think what helps us to perform better is having proper space on stage to really rock n roll. Some venues in the city can be a bit....crammed, especially for 5 people. David swears he’s better when he has space to dance and jump around. As far as a pre-performance ritual, sometimes we light candles, sit in a circle and play paddy cake. 

You just released your debut album "City Skies", how exciting! What was the major theme behind this project?

Musically, the album was based around this instrumental song David had written in early 2017. That song turned into the title track “City Skies”, the first song on the album. Later we wrote “Just Like That” which really started to define a sound for the band. The album is ultimately about finding love in a big city, learning things about life and yourself, losing that love, and figuring out how to move on. 

Which song off "City Skies" do you feel best represents the album's theme and why?

We think the track “Be Alright (Manhattan)” really expresses the overall pulse of the album and the tension that exists in each song of infatuation, heartbreak, and forgetting. 


Thank you for sharing with us JADN! What can we expect from you in 2020?

Thank you for having us! There are already many more songs in the making, and we’re planning more shows throughout the East coast...maybe a tour somewhere down the line. Follow us on our socials to keep up with us! And thanks for listening! 

Listen to JADN's recent track "She's So Cool" here.


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