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Catching up with Morgan Gold

Welcome back to BuzzMusic Morgan Gold! It's always a pleasure to feature your new music. Do you believe that the way you intend to communicate your messages through your music is easily received by your listeners? Always a pleasure to talk to you guys! :) You know, as I’m moving through the year and releasing new music, I think people are understanding my sound more and more. After “Control” dropped, the attitude around my music began to shift. The ultimate goal, I think, for any musician to achieve is to create a unique and personalized connection with listeners that you can’t find within any other artist. And that’s what I’ve found to be most rewarding in the development process and through my own growth as an artist. I see music as my most sacred form of communication, so every song has to be as honest as possible. And I think people who hear that honesty not just in the lyrics, but the music as well, it creates a very personal connection. And that connection is starting to be embraced by both sides. 

“Control" was an incredibly dreamy and hypnotic track. Where did you draw the inspiration to create this particular type of sound? Me and Jake (J. Khaga) wanted to sound more natural with the follow-up to the last EP. I wanted to sort of add a clearer conclusion to it. We also wanted to create the exact atmosphere that would match the tone of the lyrics. Meeting right in the middle of euphoria and pain threw the whole song into limbo. The paradox of wanting to be free, yet also wanting to be controlled is a very emotional state of being. 

How would you say that "Control" compares to the kind of music you curated when you first started out as an artist?

From the beginning, I’ve had every intention of creating a new feeling through the music we create. We’ve done a great job of showing our fans a piece of our world with “I’ve Seen Enough”. With this song, we wanted to establish a very distinct relationship with listeners. “Control” put us at a level where we could communicate through sound, not just depending on lyrics. 

Do you prefer the more intimate recording process over live performance? How do you personally feel when you're performing your music live? I most definitely feel at home on stage in front of an audience. Before I became a singer, I merely knew I belonged on stage. I enjoy that feeling of performing to people, and I often find it hard for that connection to establish properly when I’m recording music. Being in front of people has always been a natural state of being for me, and I consider it to be my strongest weapon as an artist.

It was awesome to be able to present "Control" here on BuzzMusic! What do you think is next for you as an artist? Where do you hope to progress within the next couple of years?

My next step is to grow my fanbase as big as we can make it. There’s a whole world out there who still hasn’t listened to Morgan Gold, and we intend on changing that. Thank you BuzzMusic, and I can’t wait to talk with you again. 


Listen to "Control" here.


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