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Catching Up With $mt Leno

Welcome to BuzzMusic $mt Leno! Some believe that each region and coast has its own distinctive sound of rap. Can you describe to us the culture of hip-hop in Houston Texas and in what ways has your style cultivated from this environment?

We just screwed up with substance and humble rhythms.

Listening to your single, “Life Ugly” we noticed this gritty crunk element to the song. Can you detail to us the influence behind the production of this single?

The influences are my experience through a hard time and what I understand I need to be aware of nowadays.

Hip-Hop prides itself on the authentic messages and stories that they tell through their music. Can you describe to us your intentions with your songs? What was the concept behind “Life Ugly” and what generally inspired it?

Just to let my followers know how hard life can be when you going through the struggle.

What would you consider to be the biggest challenge you faced when creating this single and why? In what ways were you able to overcome the obstacle and essentially learn from it?

To me, it was making it stand out. Even though the song is not really talking about what’s exciting to the new wave generation.

What can we expect to see next from $MT Leno?

Y’all can expect to see more upbeat, down south and lyrical content.


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