Catching Up With Wolf Dotson!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Wolf Dotson! We're really impressed by the amount of music you've released independently! Can you describe your approach to your artistry and your sound? 

I’m really random when it comes to my approach on music! I tend to let the music speak to me in a sense. I will sit for hours going thru beats until the right one speaks to me and sometimes it may even be a beat I sat on for years lol. It’s weird. But i go wit my heart then I record and listen back and fix and re-write what I have to until I feel the song is done. I wouldn’t say I take my time cuz sometimes I jump in and one take and put the song right out but I have to feel it when I play it back. If it brings me chills I can only imagine what it would do for others you know.

How has living in Las Vegas influenced you as an artist? Do you think living in a large city comes with advantages? 

It opened my eyes to a lot! Vegas is different from my home town! Originally I’m from Oakland California and out there when I was growing up it wasn’t as diverse as it is today! I rarely left the ghetto areas you know so for me I didn’t have the opportunity to learn anything different. But once I moved to Vegas it changed. I begun gaining new friends from different cultures and learned new things which in turn opened my eyes on life and love and what not. Vegas gave me the opportunity to learn and from that I feel I was able to grow as a person and not shelter myself or become a victim to my environment. I saw a lot and when I was living in it I wanted to be apart of it and Vegas made me realize I didn’t want to be apart of it like I thought I just saw it every day and didn’t see any other options or opportunities. Now I do! Thank you Las Vegas!

Since your musical catalog is so extensive, what single or mixtape would you point a new listener to in order to get an idea of your sound and overall message? 

I can’t really say! I have ALOT of different sounds you know. I always tell people just search my name and flip thru my music til you find you! I have something for everyone I feel like. Because I’m just like everyone! I go thru life just like everyone else only difference is I talk about my issues which helps people relate because it’s life! I know people aren’t going to like everything I do, hell I don’t like every song I people. Lmao, but I put music out with hopes of reaching someone else and letting them know that they are not alone! So yea just search my name (wolf Dotson) and whatever you find and you like, share it with others! And let me know what you like!

Your recent release "Need To Know" is so catchy and versatile! Can you talk us through your writing and recording process? How do you know when your track is truly complete?

Well, As I said in question 1, I really don’t have one. I just allow my heart to speak when it comes to music. however I’m feeling when I hear the right beat is what comes out! I don’t fight it or anything if I’m not feeling something I’ll sit on it til either the timings right (which is a feeling) or I don’t put it out. I have a lot of unreleased music that when I play for other people they look at me crazy cuz I haven’t put it out but in my heart and mind it’s not the right time. Like “need to know” I sat on that song and for a long time I didn’t know what I was gonna do wit it. Then randomly the same shit I spoke on in that song actually started to take place around the time of the release so I felt it was time! Like the universe spoke to me.

Thanks so much for chatting with us. We're looking forward to hearing more music from you! What can you tell us about your upcoming collaborations?

I have a lot of new music stacked up some solo some wit some other great artist I plan on releasing soon! I just want to do it all right and not have this batch go unnoticed! So I’m taking my time and perfecting what I love to do! When I do start releasing new music I just hope the world feels and enjoy it the way I do!

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