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CEDBEAST Comes in at Full Force With, "B.O.T.M."

Born in San Francisco, CEDBEAST is an unapologetic California native with attitude. Idolizing the likes of Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Machine Gun Kelly, CEDBEAST began rapping at the age of 19 under the alias Blackstall10n.

Although releasing music never came to fruition, CEDBEAST never stopped putting pen to paper so he could exercise his knack for punch lines and trash talk while drawing inspiration from his life.

As he represents the 223 until the day he dies, CEDBEAST brings us his most recent single, “B.O.T.M.” Exuding larger life energy that stems from the roots of old school Hip-hop, the intoxicating confidence that sheds from instrumentation focused on the scratching of turntables has us immediately hooked to what CEDBEAST has in store for us.

Additional emphasis is placed on the hunger seeping from his vocal tone as the multiple layers of his blatant verses have a wide-sounding vigor. Taking us into the depths of his braggadocious mentality, we hear the wordplay flowing effortlessly as the punchy rhyme schemes follow suit. “B.O.T.M” gives us all that extra dose of confidence that we yearn for.

With CEDBEAST feeding us a lyrical feast that is true to his nature as an emcee, we admire the dedication and perseverance that we hear spun into each word he puts forth. Known for being a well-rounded entertainer that people can’t take their senses off of, you hear traits of the poetic skill set that CEDBEAST embodies trickle into his talents as a wordsmith in the realm of authentic Hip-hop. CEDBEAST is a multifaceted enigma on the rise, and we’re keen to see him at the top.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, CEDBEAST, and congratulations on the release of “B.O.T.M.” When channeling such an intense wave of energy, what sources of inspiration did you use to drive that forward?

Thanks for having me. I've been reading a lot of your articles over the past few months so I'm excited to be here. And thank you for keeping my name in all caps. I usually have to make that a note. But to answer your question it's just something that's in me that I can turn on and off. I grew up in an era where hip-hop music was always intense. And that just stuck with me in my style and flow. Two albums stick out in my mind when it comes to inspiration and that's The Marshall Mathers LP and Straight Outta Compton. Any time I throw one of those on I start to get in my bag.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing this to life? Did anyone help you bring this vision to the surface?

Well, I have to give credit to Anno Domini Beats for producing the track. It was sent to me in a producer pack. From the moment I heard it, I pretty much had an out-of-body experience and immediately started writing to it. I sat down in front of my computer opened pro tools and that's where I stayed for the entire weekend freestyling, writing, and rewriting this song until it was, for a lack of a better term, perfect. And once I had it recorded I sat with it for days and I mean DAYS just having it on repeat on every speaker in my house and in my car looking for every imperfection. Listening to see if any words got slurred or lost in translation. And really I do this for every song. It's a little OCD but in the end, it's worth it.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes and messaging in “B.O.T.M.?"

I'm hoping they see that I'm not just some internet rapper. I'm passionate about my music. I'm passionate about music in general. Have been my whole life. I hope they see that I don't need to dye my hair all the colors of the rainbow, scream into a mic, and paint my nails to stand out. I'll do it will skill. I'll do it by simply being CEDBEAST. No gimmicks needed. And you can hashtag that.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

That's a good question. Mainly to be yourself and go after what others say is unattainable in life. Never stop dreaming. Never quit because someone is laughing at you or telling you it'll never happen. Never look back and say "what if" because that's a question you'll never have answered.

What's next for you?

I'm always working. I'm always on the mic recording. I have two new songs ready to go. Vibe With Me is next up and it's Produced by Anno Domini Beats as well. I have to give a shout-out to my Mom for inspiring that song. I go in-depth on how she inspired that song on my vlog series called Long Live CEDBEAST on YouTube. Another song called Somewhere Safe featuring Alonda Rich Produced by Wyshmaster Beats. Both those are on the dock to be released next. So stay tuned to my Instagram which you can follow me @cedbeast. All my up-to-date news always goes to the gram first. Make sure you ALL are tuned in and watching because you definitely don't want to miss when it's my time to blow up. And as always, Long Live CEDBEAST!




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