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“Change My Ways” By The Collab Will Have You Ready For A Lifestyle Change

The Collab is a hip-hop/R&B group from Nashville, Tennessee. They strive to create music about their past experiences and spread meaningful messages about those lessons. The Collab focuses mainly on hip-hop/R&B but they expand to all genres and keep their styles open. The Collab want their music to have feeling and emotion, but also be music you can turn up and vibe to.

The newest single released by The Collab is “Change My Ways”. This song is about exactly what the title describes. A man wants to change his past ways to be with the love of his life. His previous ways of playing with other girls are done. The feelings of frustration and lust for someone who comes into your life and blow you away is so relatable. Two notable lyrics that stand out to me are in the same verse, “These are not just lyrics, these are feelings that I feel for you” shortly followed up with “More than just lust, I want that trust and I want you”. This lyricism highlights the powerful message of the song and how serious this man’s feelings are. Giving up our childish behavior for the person that matters most is what life is all about. Love and trust are unparalleled by any other feeling in the world and these guys get that. The production of this track is professional but not over produced. The vocals are spotless and the bars flow smoothly with the addicting backbeat. I seriously recommend checking out this unique track and vibe along with it!

Listen to “Change My Ways” here and get to know more about The Collab below!

Who are the members of your group?

There are 4 members but 2 that make music. The two that make music are Senseilit and Sasquatch. The other 2 help as part of the street team and promotion they are Troy with a T and LDShad

When did you start create music together?

We started back in 2016 making music off Senseilit labtop in his apartment closet. We then became an official LLC on October 11, 2018. The Collab LLc

Do you do all the production/vocals yourselves?

As far as singing and songwriting we make our own original music. We do have someone who do the engineering for us he goes by the name Xklusive and work out of Xklusive studios 

What keeps your passion for making music alive?

The art to making music, the craft, the expression that we get to use when making music, and also our love of music in general. As long as we stay true to ourselves and motivate each other we will always have a burning passion to make music.

Who are your biggest inspiration in the music industry?

Senseilit personal doesn’t have an inspiration but he does admire the rapper Curren$y for his Ambitions and business mind. As far as an overall inspiration for The Collab we believe that we inspire ourselves by the what we do and the bond that we have with each other. We keep ourselves motivated and push for the very best in each other.

What is the hiphop/rnb scene like in Nashville?

It is very unappreciated but there is a lot of talent in Nashville. We are here to rise to the top and put Nashville on the map. We are here to show that Nashville is more than just country music, because most people not from Nashville believe that is all Nashville is. 


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