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Changing The Nashville Rap Game: Maurico Drops “Luv It”

Nashville native Maurico is everything an ambitious artist should be. A gifted and experienced rapper, songwriter and producer, Maurico is a self-man success. Growing up without the funds he needed to create professional quality music, Maurico had to be creative.  He developed a love for creating while using cheap cassette players and outdated microphones. He began performing live shows as early as high school! The constant hustle paid finally off in 2014 when Maurico was signed to the Tennessee Recording Company. This led to the release of his first official EP, ‘I Am Maurico’. The record dramatically expanded Maurico’s fanbase, and was featured in Billboard Magazine.

Determined and never taking his foot off of the gas pedal, Maurico’s newest track “Luv It” made its launch into the music industry late May 2019 and we’re bumping it on repeat. This hot summer anthem boasts smooth R&B vibes while remaining a dope modern hip-hop song. Maurico stuns through his flawless bars, catchy melodies, and positive and contagious attitude. Maurico is known for his motivational lyricism and confidence within his music. “Luv It” is a song for anyone to enjoy. I’m getting serious modern T.I. vibes throughout “Luv It”. Maurico’s mantra is simple: Better Music, Better Life and we have to agree with him. If he keeps dropping tracks like “Luv It” he’s guaranteed to have a good life. Stay on the lookout for veteran rapper, Maurico.

Check out “Luv It” here!


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