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Charles Mansion Has Us Simmering In, “Tamashi”

Initially formed in Kelowna, BC, aka Canada's desert, Charles Mansion is a four-piece band based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Tapping into the roots of Joshua Tree's desert rock flavors, they mix the hues with some psych, fuzz, and a bit of grunge.

With a 2022 US tour in the works, Charles Mansion teases listeners with the bodies of work from their 2021 EP, 'Death by Misadventures,' while eager to release their sophomore album in February of 2022.

Found fourth on the tracklist, we're immediately drawn towards the psychedelic hypnosis that is the single, "Tamashi." Through sizzling guitar riffs that impactfully linger within the intro and into the heart of this record, we're taken back by the immaculate charisma that shines through each note performed.

A seamless blend of boisterous yet not too over the top, every musical element meshes in a way that has Charles Mansion luring you deep into an ominous representation of their inner selves. We admire hearing a band come together and watching how their signature styles all bolster a sense of unity.

That's exactly what you get when pressing play on "Tamashi." From the passion-fueled vocals that sprawl across the instrumentation in a unique fashion to the timely percussion fills and rhythmic grooves that drown the speakers, Charles Mansion has us bopping our heads and caught up in the eclectic distortion of their presence. As the song progresses and we hang onto the edge of our seats, it's clear that storytelling and songwriting are strong suits of this edgy quartet.

Filling our minds with the vivid imagery intended, we're looking forward to the myriad of scenes to take up residence in our headspace as we await the launch of their forthcoming album.

We admire the elaborate soundscape you present to us with your single, "Tamashi." When crafting such intricate songs, what does the creative process look like for you as a band?

For us, the creative process is very much rooted in just playing things out and seeing what happens. Usually one of us (we all write) will come with an idea or riff and then we all just play it over and over until we come up with our own parts that work. We're very democratic, there is no ruling with an iron fist. We're all excited to see what each other will do and where the song ends up.

What does the meaning of "Tamashi" hold to you? What would you like your audience to take away from this piece?

The theme of Tamishi (not Tamashi) is, of course, to beware of sexy witches, their powers are not a trifle. We all should know this. One's own senses can be deceived and should not be trusted. But mostly, like all our songs, it's about rocking out with your best friends. 'Tamishi' was actually a phonetic misinterpretation... Josh wrote 'to me she spoke' and we all thought he said 'Tamishi spoke'

In the theme of excitement for your upcoming album, what do listeners have in store? How does this new project compare to the EP, 'Death by Misadventure?'

Listeners can expect a similar vibe with our new EP 'Demonstrations'. We recorded it in the same warehouse, with the same engineer live off the floor, and the songs were more or less written around the same time we were recording 'Death By Misadventure'. I'd say that 'Demonstrations' is a bit more dynamic though, it features some of our heavier and softer material. It was actually recorded 3 or 4 years ago but we thought we lost it for good. Then it turned out it was on our bass player's computer this whole time, so now we're finally releasing it for the first time. If anything, I'd say the listeners can expect a band with more confidence, dare I even say swagger. We had just come off the back of opening for Earthless and throwing a successful festival called Tune It Down Turn It Up that featured the legendary Dave Catching, so we were feeling it.

What is the main message you want to send out to your fan base as a band?

Keep buying tickets, music, and merch! Continue to support your favorite bands, local or otherwise! Send us money!

What's next for you?

What's next? Well, we've been busy writing new material and are looking to get in the studio in the spring. We're also possibly adding a female singer into the mix. We're booking lots of Vancouver area shows but we're also planning a tour in the summer, so if you want to see us in your city, let us know!


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