Charlie Muse Gets Us Ready for the “Holiday Blues” With Her New Song

From Ohio, today we get the chance of listening to the very talented Charlie Muse. Now living in Las Vegas, Charlie is producing a unique twist on R&B with a fresh vibe with 2019/2020 elements. The song starts off super smooth with influence from 90’s R&B singers such as Toni Braxton, but her approach speaks for itself and no one else. Cementing Charlie Muse as a one of a kind artist, the song “Holiday Blues” starts off super vibey and mystic. When her vocals hit around the 34-second mark, it’s like drinking a nice glass of red wine, by a cozy fireplace with a snowstorm happening outside but you are safe & sound. The song is about being sad over the holidays, without the presence of a loved one and it’s easy to pick up on that. The chorus explains that “Christmas ain’t the same without you here” and we all know that feeling, missing the only gift of love.

I can definitely agree that we have been there, felt that. The song closes out almost at 4 minutes and you’re left feeling a little shook, thinking “maybe I should hold onto my love interest through the holiday season”. Her Debut EP “Saturn” is out now and has propelled Charlie Muse to stages from Las Vegas to all over the west coast. Drawing in audiences with her captivating live performance and amazing talents, Charlie Muse proves that she has something worth being seen and hear by the masses. 

Listen to "Holiday Blues" here.