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Chase Bell Encourages Us to "Live Easy"

From London to Rome and finally Los Angeles, the singer-songwriter and pop-rock artist Chase Bell releases his sweet acoustic single, "Live Easy."

Influenced by his jazz-singing and performer mother, Chase Bell felt inspired to create music at a young age with help from the sounds of jazz and blues. Having accumulated over 10.3k followers on Twitter and 72k views on YouTube, it's without a doubt that Chase Bell will soon be a household name.

Recently releasing his sweet-sounding single, "Live Easy," listeners can fully experience Chase Bell's unique rhythm and soulful stylings. While he expands on living in the moment and wishing we could all lighten the load of life, Chase Bell grooves his way through the single with boundless heart and soul.

Diving into the single, "Live Easy," the song opens with Chase Bell's chilling vocal stylings and his tender acoustic guitar. While we move further through the warm acoustic song, Chase Bell enlightens us on how it's not incredibly difficult to live easy and release your woes from life's trials and tribulations.

As he continues grooving through the soulful single, Chase Bell drenches us in picturesque lyricism that takes us to the beach, up to the galaxies, and into the sunset as we take a step back from our internal struggles. As Chase Bell leads us towards the outro, he reminds us to take time to smell the roses with help from his sweet vocal melodies and tender acoustic guitar.

Don't forget that's it's not difficult to "Live Easy," and allow Chase Bell to remind you to savor life's peaks. Find "Live Easy" on all digital streaming platforms.

Hello Chase Bell and welcome to BuzzMusic. We love the lighthearted and spirited approach you've taken with your recent single, "Live Easy." What inspired you to write a song that encourages listeners to lighten their load and "Live Easy?"

I finished the writing process of this song before March 2020. The city of LA was very different at that time, very open and there were many avenues to meet people and also many distractions. I needed to allow myself to let go, relax, and enjoy life a little and if I didn't write a song about it I wouldn't have been able to.

Why did you want to keep the instrumentals within "Live Easy" so minimal and tender? Why did you want it to be a soulful acoustic piece?

The instrumentation of the song "Live Easy" starts out very minimalistic with voice and guitar because that's how I was writing every day in that time period of time, it felt right to keep it that way. The song develops into a groove and then a head-nodding chorus with cool keyboards and rhythmic aspects which lets you get into the mood of 'living easy' but the song was written on guitar and that soul I wanted to keep.

What was your songwriting process like for "Live Easy?" Did you face any challenges along the way, or was it easy for you to transmute your thoughts into lyrics?

I wrote "Live Easy" with a writing partner of mine named Brad K. Mckearin. The only line that didn't immediately sync up with both of us was the line, "Feel the vibe of the Pleiades." Brad questioned it, wanting a lyric a little more 'earthy' but once I explained what it meant he went with it; there are good vibrations happening that we aren't even aware of that maybe are even coming from far away and maybe we can tune into that and just enjoy life for no reason.

What did you want your audience to feel after listening to "Live Easy?" What did you want them to take away from the single?

If people walk away feeling a little happier then I have done a great job. I wanted to have a song that was feel good and cheerful without being cheesy and that acknowledges some of the inherent troubles of life and also the ease of living it when you can go with the flow.

What's your favorite release of this year, from an independent artist you admire?

Not sure if Mike Taylor is independent anymore but his song "Invincible" is pretty dope, has some great feeling lyrics that everyone can relate to and was co-produced by my good friend Koil who I also had worked on "Live Easy."



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