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Chatterless Releases His Latest Single, "The Idea Dies Last," a Blithe MIX of Lo-FI and Synth-Wave.

With his ethos of "less chatter, more music," Jayme Mcdonald, the Composer and Hip-Hop producer performing under the cognomen Chatterless—makes instrumental music that stands out.

With a long listed musical catalog that presents like a sonic manifold that branches out into a diverse range of synth-wave, lo-fi, and hip-hop festooned gridirons, this budding new artist is sure to be on the radar of anyone who likes to kick-back and simmer-down to some emollient instrumental beats; think Kiefer meets Chilledcow.

His latest garnishing of lithe swells and filtered lo-fi ingenuity comes in the form of a single titled, "The Idea Dies Last." 

Initiating with a steady mid-tempo cadence, "The Idea Dies Last" settles in instantly like a perfect aggregate to a chilled-out Sunday evening on the porch, festooned with tweeting birds in the background, the suns' rays cascading down onto your neck, and an unrelinquished sense of blithe that swiftly picks you up for a few moments of weightlessness before drifting you back down in a sinuous fashion.

It's an instrumental that never wavers from its steadfast and even motioning, featuring a crisp backbeat and prismatic pads that choreograph together to create a sense of relaxation that's simply unparalleled. Throughout the playback, two main melodic lines come baring gifts of sensation: kaleidoscopic keys that diffuse over their magnetically warbling reverberances and a sub-synth that weaves in and out of every whiff it's melodic confrere allows it.

While audiences will soon find themselves intermingling amongst a multifarious amount of unlocked jovial sentiments, the lo-fi drone that subtly sits in the center of Chatterless' well-balanced mix completes the sonic puzzle; filling in every airy space of "The Idea Dies Last," like a pocket of sunshine saying hello to the darkness.

What inspired you to make the feeling behind "The Idea Dies Last" feel so calmative? Is this a common-place sentiment you incorporate into your instrumentals?

Thank you for acknowledging how calming this song is! I have this vault of music that I've been shaping and crafting into what you hear as the sound of Chatterless. Ideas from one song carry into the other until you hear what is what I am still creating as my signature. I would rather bring calm to this existence right now. I've brought so much of the other side too many times in my life. It's unbalanced.

Can you describe the meaning behind the title, "The Idea Dies Last"? Where did this song's inspiration come from, and how does its title resonate with that background? 

I spoke about this recently on a live piano stream that I do on IG and FB. You can follow my accounts there if you wanna hear something like that. It's just me playing and talking with you, the listeners, having a good time, drinking Jack Daniels. As for the song -- it occurred to me that if the universe ceased to exist this very moment the very last thing -- the absolute very last thing to disappear would be the idea of it. The thought of everything and what it encompasses. That's more of a macro explanation but if I simplified to a micro-level we could just say that if a loved one passes or maybe a friendship ends or a romance is no longer there...then The Idea Dies Last in the process of it disappearing.

What sorts of emotions were you channeled into for the instrumental performances you've captured for "The Idea Dies Last"?

I tend to feel like crying when I make music as Chatterless. It sounds weird but when I'm by myself and making something if the right chord strikes then it chokes me up and I often have to stop myself from being overwhelmed. I've come to recognize it as a strong indicator that I'm going in the right direction. Sometimes the happiest songs are made in the deepest depressions and vice versa. The right strings of the soul are being plucked.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

Right now I'm inspired by my mental health journey. There have been major changes in my life in the past year with respect to my mental health and I'm not totally comfortable speaking about it yet but I'm sticking to my regimen and the plan in place inspires me to keep moving forward. One hour at a time, sometimes. Next up from me are two projects that I think are really exciting for myself and the listeners.

1st upon DEC 1ST 2020 is the sequel to my Christmas album "Snowbank" titled "Snowbank 2" which features all instrumental piano of holiday favorites with a special bonus voice-over at the end of the album. 2nd up on JAN 8TH, 2021 is my debut synthwave/retrowave album titled "Nobody From Nowhere With Nothing". This is a completely new genre for me -- I have had tremendous feedback from my initial screenings of the single "Stay With Me" and I can't wait for everyone else to hear it too.

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