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Check Out Munna Cash’s Biggest Tracks “Savage” and “BSR”

Residing in Toronto’s east end, Munna Cash was shaped and molded by his city and his upbringing. No stranger to success, Munna Cash has dropped relatable and undeniably dope tracks. Munna Cash is easily one of the brightest acts in the underground. He has an astounding artistic vision and he brings all of this together in his video for the hit single, “Savage”. 

Released November 2018, “Savage”  proves that this promising young artist isn’t any sort of joke, and is in it for the long haul when it comes to the music industry. In just over two minutes, Munna Cash makes an instant fan out of any listener with his impossibly catchy flow and arsenal of great bars. This artist comes hard to the mic for this song, and keeps up his energy all the way to the music video. Not only is his flow powerful and impossible to stop paying attention to, his lyrics will make you think twice about the true meanings in this artist’s work. Munna Cash puts his heart and soul into every single song he spits on, and his unique realness resonates with listeners - separating him from other artists in the Toronto scene. 

Munna Cash comes out the dip, dripping in sauce with his second single “BSR”, a track to launch the announcement of his label Born Star Records. Yet again, Munna Cash is able to captivate his fans with flawless bars in just over two minutes.  “BSR” is deeply textured and genre-bending. It weaves through trap, contemporary hip-hop, R&B and urban pop vibes. “BSR” has a way of driving its listener towards the motions of the song. It’s finely-calibrated and a well executed hit song that represents the fun in today’s current culture of urban music while remaining substantial enough for lovers of true poetic music. This melodic hip hop king is taking over Toronto’s east end with his smooth criminal energy. Munna Cash is sure to become a legend in the underground scene, and soon rise to the top to conquer the charts as well.

Check out “Savage” and “BSR” . Read more with Munna Cash in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Munna Cash and thank you for sharing your music with us! How did you get into making music? 

Thanks for having me, and thanks for listening. I started rapping because I grew up listening to my parents play so many different genres in the house, and my older cousin was apart of a rap group at the time and I wanted to be just like him back then. Overall I’ve always been around music and l loved it.

Who were some of your musical influences growing up? How did they help shape your sound?

My biggest influences was Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Chief Keef. They helped shape my sound by giving me confidence to say what I actually want to say, and not just what I think people would want to hear.

Let’s talk about your two top tracks “Savage” and “BSR”. How are they similar and how have you changed and developed as an artist in the 6 months between their releases?

 My two singles are similar because I started off slow on both songs but I picked up my flow and ended off with a bang, I tried my best to give my fans straight bars. After I recorded Savage I really locked in and found my sound, when that happened I went beast mode in the studio and I have so many songs I can’t wait to share with my fans.

What can your fans expect next from you? More upbeat tracks like “Savage”? Or more genre bending experimental tracks like “BSR”?

My fans can expect a variety of different sounds, from upbeat to low tempo, and definitely some sounds they have never heard before.

Do you have any upcoming shows you’d like to mention?

I’m going to throw my own show sometime in the future to promote my record label and brand, Born Star Records (BSR), and maybe have a few special guests.


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