Check Out The Contagious Sounds Of AQUASHADE In “Television”

Atlanta-based pop-rock duo AQUASHADE is comprised of brothers, Luke and Atticus Roness. This dynamic "band of brothers" has generated local buzz, on their newest EP "Car Talk". Garnering over 25,000 streams on Spotify and 2 records under their belt, AQUASHADE is ready to take the world by storm.

We checked out the infectious new groove “Television”, a single off of AQUASHADE’s latest EP “Car Talk”. The melody and leading vocal style all present a genuinely emotional mood that connects naturally with the lyrics. As the track progresses, the sound seems to grow thicker and fuller. The hook resounds as the drums crash through and the riffs seeks to completely envelop the listener. AQUASHADE offer skillful musicianship and carefree creativity on top of their conceptual story-telling, so all listeners can find relatability within their tracks. “Television” is impressively fresh, raw and honest to really help drive it home. A great track and a band well worth looking out for in the coming months.

Listen to “Television” here and keep scrolling for more with AQUASHADE!


Hey guys! Thanks for chatting with us. Within your duo, who writes the songs, and do you always agree on topics, lines, ideas?

We truly consider the writing process a team effort, because a song of ours doesn't truly become a song until we have both left our mark on it. With that being said, I (Atticus) write most of the songs in their rawest form. I tend to be an older soul, making music a bit more 70's & 80's inspired, and Luke is right there with me on that, so yes we usally always agree when it comes to the songwriting process.

What comes first, lyrics, melody, music?

For me, it always goes music first. The music informs my lyrics and meoldy on the type of song it's going to be. For example if it's a happier chord progression I know the melody and lyrics will steer in that direction. While music comes first, my priority when writing our songs is melody. If you don't have a hook, there's nothing for the listener to grab onto and remember you by.

What do you hope to achieve with your project “Car Talk”?

With Car Talk, and all of our past and future work, our aspirations have been simple. We just want to bring conviction and melody back to a music world desperately needing more of it. We believe have something to offer, especially with the Car Talk EP.

Can you tell us more about the meaning and inspiration behind “Television”? 

Yes! So, with Television I really tried to channel the idea of irony -the happy beat with the sadder lyrics. I find that idea so interesting. In it's essence, Television is about losing something you love and feeling like your world stops, but the rest of the world doesn't. It's a real feeling, and I think it's important to highlight and empathize with it, as we tried to showcase in the video; this feeling of incurable loneliness in an ironic way.

What’s next for AQUASHADE?

For us, it's to get in the studio and start making this third EP & playing shows. We have so far exceeded where I thought we would be, as a couple of teenage brothers making tunes, and so anything and everything along the path to making music that matters to the people, we take it in and rejoice in it!


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