Chris Micheal Has Us Turning Our World, "Upside Down"

Chris Micheal is an established Winnipeg-based Canadian recording artist. Known for being the lively vocalist filled with passion and emotion, he performs acoustic and electric guitar on songs that you can hear across all digital streaming platforms.

Raised in a musical family, Chris Micheal became enamored with 90s grunge culture, which thoroughly influenced his dynamic musical approaches. Delving into the country music scene by playing events and festivals that encouraged the mixing of genres led Chis Micheal deep into the profound passion that country culture has to offer.

Indulging his audience to a testament to his growth and journey as an artist, the recently released “Upside Down,” has us frolicking in a buoyantly sculpted soundscape of elevation. The sustaining guitar riffs cascade upon the rhythmic portion of this musical arrangement in a manner that has us thriving in the transitional soft-spoken verses, and amplified outpour of the chorus.

Synchronizing the intensity to unleash itself in a full-on bout of high octane ambiance, the alluring essence of this record strikes us with a familiarity that we’ll happily take into the summertime heat. Chalked full of full-circle moments that are referenced in the carefully crafted motifs that Chris Micheal places forth, the sense of comfort that lingers in his vocal tone pushes this song forward on various levels.

Allowing us to tap into the soothing and prevailing quintessence of his artistic elements, there is an influential pull that the incomparable timbres he radiates provide our soul with. We’re truly on the hook with this new single. Dabbling in an electric surge of confidence that sparks a better understanding of Chris Micheal apart from the art, we’re grateful for a song like “Upside Down,” to be added to our rotation.