Christie Huff Flaunts Her Nashville Meets Los Angeles Roots In, "I Don't Know"

Country sensation, Christie Huff is a Singer and Songwriter who brings a touch of Pop to her soulful sound. She's a Los Angeles girl now but attributes her Country roots to her childhood in Arizona.

Christie Huff splits her time between LA and Nashville and is active in both performing and writing. With consistent trips to Nashville to co-write with other songwriters, she keeps her Country ties strong.

Sending compelling elements through the speakers in an immersive collision of sounds, Christie Huff’s most recent single, “I Don’t Know,” carries a Pop infused facade to the tantalizing composition before us. Through her charming quintessence, the lyrical thesis that has our heads turning is, “friends to lovers, to nothing at all.” A highly relatable subject that brings an emotional connector to the audience of Christie Huff.

Submerging us in the luxurious instrumentation that plays a colossal role in the invigorating pulsation of rhythm, we are swarmed in the spirit of guitar chords bouncing touching echoes off our mindset. Alluring us in the charismatic likes of her striking vocalization, we are shaken to our core as the timbres that rein from Christie Huff’s intrapersonal clarifications lead us into an elusive state of comfort. In the triumphant embrace of a powering ballad, there is one thing that resonates with us more than others, the deluxe display of structured songwriting screams Nashville, Tennessee.

In the unmatched talents of Christie Huff, we find, “I Don’t Know,” to be the full package as each trademark of Country/Pop hits voices louder than the last. Permeate in the influential expressions that have Christie Huff at the top tier of her league.

Congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “I Don’t Know.” What moment inspired the songwriting behind this masterpiece?

Thank you so much! I got the idea to write "I Don't Know" after falling for my friend. We decided to not date and he texted me asking how I was doing and I responded with "IDK" I then decided to write a song about it! With your travels constantly taking you back and forth between Los Angeles and Nashville, do you have a space that you happen to be your most creative self in?

Yes, I love both LA and Nashville! There isn't a physical space where I feel more creative than another place, rather than an emotional space. I just need to be in a place mentally where I am inspired. That inspiration comes out of nowhere. I've written songs in my kitchen, my bedroom, my car, the studio, etc. But I have always been in a mental state where I just HAVE to be creative and let something out of me. As each artist is different in their techniques, what happens to be your favorite part of the creative process?

My favorite part of the creative process is being surprised with what ends up being the final result every time. When I sit down and start to write a song, I usually have an idea/concept I want to write about. Every time I am surprised about where that idea can take me. Getting lost in a concept/idea is my favorite part! Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process for, “I Don’t Know,” looked like?

The creative process for "I Don't Know" came to me as an emotion/idea that I had to release. I wrote this song alone, and most songs I solo write are very personal and about something that is happening in my life right then. I got that text from my ex and wrote the chorus first. After I finished the song I brought it to my producer and we made it this cool mixture of country/pop! My producer always hears a new take on the song when I play it for him and it's a great experience! What can we expect to see next from you throughout the year?

In 2021 you will continue to see more music! I am so excited to share what I wrote in 2020. 2020 was a year of self-growth for me and I'm excited about the songs that came from that! Also lots of live streams, music videos, and hopefully live shows.