Christie Huff Shines Bright with Authenticity With "Gold Summer"

Singer-Songwriter Christie Huff imparts her latest single, "Gold Summer," with an authentic sheen, and captivating presence as it serves as our soundtrack for summertime joyrides in the countryside.

Christie Huff, who currently occupies Los Angeles, grew up in rural Arizona, where she attributes finding her love for country music.

Her preceding work as a young country artist is deep-rooted in Nashville. The city manifests as a source of inspiration for many of her consistently strong country music revelations like January's "Lovish" and the ever-popular, "Black and White," from her 2019 year of conquest. But Gold Summer is more ethereal and intimate than her previous offerings.

 "Gold Summer" has a remarkable resemblance to the radiating sway of some of this summer's quickest rising favorites, as her harmonies reverberate across the digital canvas of this piece. Most of the song is built around an intimately positioned Christie Huff—front and center—which fits clad against cloudy synths twinkling in the backdrop as they supply this track with a whimsical temper.

The guitars are plenty and rich in nature while being delicate and present—emphasizing the earthy tinge of the pick as it flirts over the neck and body of the guitar. The production adequately serves a fitting atmosphere for Huff to seize as her fleeting surge of harmonies and sentiments breakthrough in this mix. A steadfast drum kit holds the track down, providing a nourishing and well-rounded low-end while the subtle electric picks away on their tenuous path through the sprinkles of delight this summer classic instills.

The smooth intensity of Christie Huff's voice and lyrical vulnerability is seldom divided, lending the sing-along chorus a hymn inducing effect: "And it feels like heaven, the road goes on forever, baby here at the end of the rainbow, found a gold summer," Huff sings in the final chorus.

She pushes her hyperfocus career in a trajectory that only seems to go higher and higher. As "Gold Summer" comes to its last rumblings, and the song swells inside our heart, we find ourselves on the other end of the rainbow, in arms reach of Christie Huff's game-changing aura.

Hello Christie and welcome to BuzzMusic. If you were to describe experience writing and record this song in a few emotions, which would you pick and why?

My emotions writing "Gold Summer" were happy and summery! I wanted to write a very laid back happy summer song that makes you smile!

The soothing feeling you impart on your audience with your vocals is refined. Have you always had a knack for singing and writing? Or are there special influences in your life you've been able to credit to your vocal confidence and talent?

Thank you! I've always loved singing and songwriting and was influenced heavily by Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Michelle Branch!

Are there any specific aspects of an artists' career (from the past of the present) that you strive to resemble in your own path?

I think we all have our own unique paths, but one artist whose career I really look towards is Kacey Musgraves and Maren Morris. They are both country but straddle the line of pop and singer/songwriter. I would love to be recognized by both fans and industries!

What usually fuels your artistic expression throughout your days, and would you describe Nashville as a cornerstone in that process?

Everyday life fuels my artistic expression! Nashville is definitely a cornerstone of that process! The writers and artists in Nashville have taught me how to express myself through music and perfect my songwriting abilities!

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

It's no secret that 2020 has been a weird year for everyone, but I have definitely been inspired! The switch in routine has been really nice, that alone has inspired me in ways I've never been before. I've spent more time outside than on the road so that has opened up my creative juices! You can expect more music! I've loved the songs I've written during this time and can't wait to share them.