Circadian Clock Keeps the Heat Alive with “Summer”

Circadian Clock is a 4 piece rock band originally formed by frontwoman Melissa ‘Beethoven’ in 2008 and relaunched in 2014. They played at various venues getting as much experience as possible when it comes to performing. We listened to Circadian’s Clock single titled “Summer” and we were in love with the melodies and extravagant guitar chords that were delivered in this record. Not only did Circadian Clock give us a riveting arrangement from the piercing guitar to the smashing drums, but the vocals also floated across the instrumentation so smoothly that it felt almost effortless. The way the vocalist had the ability to keep her voice in this smooth-sailing high pitch tone without a single sign of strain or struggle with maneuvering through her register demonstrates a lot of professionalism and high caliber of skill. Circadian Clock is an electrifying band who knows how to amaze you with immensely projecting a bold and radiant performance that will serve as memorable for you as a listener. As unique as their stage name, Circadian Clock knows how to cultivate the entire listener into their music by their invigorating presence. Although Summer may be over, They are surely keeping the season alive with this trail-blazing new hit!

Listen to "Summer" here

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