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CJ SOLID Drops His New Single "Flexin On The Low" From His Album "Grind Muzik V2"

Hey CJ SOLID! Welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your latest track "Flexin On The Low" from your album "Grind Muzik V2"! How did the overall production and curation of the album go? Did the final execution of the album match your initial vision, or did this vision change over the course of production?

The overall production of the album, I wanted to be more creative than I was on vol 1. I chose the beats wisely and wanted to set different tones throughout the project so the listeners don’t get just one repetitive sound. For the most part, I think the final execution matched my vision. Before I get in “project mode” I pretty much know how I want it to go.

"Flexin On The Low" is easily one of those catchy and impactful Hip/Hop tracks that we know we'll be hearing more of from the music world. What would you say is the main element to your music that you include in each track to ensure that CJ SOLID effect on listeners?

The main element  I put in my music is never forgetting where I come from, what got me to where I am now and know where I wanna go. Each song is its own vibe. People wanna hear Grind Muzik every day.

We know how big of presence music has had in your friends' life, your family's life, and ultimately your life. Would you say that you still remain true to yourself as an artist as you did when you first started recording with friends right from your house?

Indeed. I believe that I’m still the same Lil dude making a way to perfect my craft as I did when I was in the 7th grade rapping on computer mics. 100 deep or not.

What's been good in the music scene in Decatur, GA? Are you heavily influenced by the current and prominent stylings of music present in your community?

Decatur is just different. Growing up there you can write a book about everything you’ve seen and experienced. It’s like everybody's family from there. Not too many people I know make music from where I’m from. We gravitate to the Atlanta scene a little bit while still kicking our own Flavor. 

How long did it take you to artistically craft the very sound that is CJ SOLID? Did you find your initial sound easily, or did it require crafting on your end?

I believe music lives in all of us. It’s just up to whoever wanna get it out to create the sound In them. Me personally I just say how I’m feeling at that moment to create the sound and flow when I’m recording. But everyday I get better. I always want my sound to evolve.

Thank you, CJ for coming on BuzzMusic to showcase "Flexin On The Low" and to allow our readers to get a better sense of you artistically! Now that the album is released, what's your next move within the music world?

Really can’t tell you my next move, I really am going with the flow most times anyway. But Grind Muzik Audio is here to stay. Thank you all for the opportunity!


Connect with CJ SOLID and listen to his new album here.

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