Clane Matthew Is Back With Spirited and Robust Single "This Is Africa"

Alternative Hip/Hop artist Clane Matthew has recently debuted new and lively music! Clane Matthew grew up with various musical influences, eventually inspiring him to generate his own sound. Once Clane Matthew began understanding his musical capabilities, his curiosity grew exponentially, and Clane's artistic career developed from there. With a goal of education in mind, Clane Matthew eventually took it upon himself to use his music as an educational ground for teaching others to be aware about society, and all the emotional bondages that come with it. Listeners are being offered introspective ideologies with Clane Matthew, and his recent music, "This is Africa", follows along the reflective theme intrinsic to Clane Matthew. 

Clane Matthew is focusing his creative efforts on intertwining his Jamaican music roots with his Western roots in latest release, "This is Africa". The product we get from Clane Matthew's creation is prominent hip-hop stylings regarding the execution of vocals, but a heavy Jamaican presence with the songs melody. "This is Africa" feels very inspirational, using ethereal sounding vocals to amplify the angelic sensation the song provides. "This is Africa" takes listeners on a cultural journey, and Clane Matthew ultimately highlights his own thoughts and aspirations throughout the single. Clane Matthew brings a transparent vibrancy to "This is Africa", and it's intriguing to see Clane advance on his journey as an artist and slowly developing his true sound. "This is Africa" feels positive, hopeful, and full of buzzing energy, making it the kind of diversified track you won't want to miss out on.

Discover "This is Africa" by Clane Matthew here

Welcome back, Clane Matthew! "This is Africa" was your most recent release that had debuted! Following the release, what was the initial feedback you had received from listeners regarding the song and its value?

When I first finished the song and started listening back to it I was saying to myself “Man did I do my best? Could I have done more?” And something in my head told me to release it, and so I did. The instant feedback I received for this song was mind blowing. I had people hitting me up from everywhere around the globe, especially in Africa. They fell in love with the song because of its message and uplifting of Africans and descendants of African people around the world. They agreed with the song saying that the song was a perfect representation of their views and opinions and that the song had the potential to be one of the biggest songs that ever hit the Billboard charts. I knew deep down in my heart that the song was absolutely perfect but as an artist there’s always gonna be some room for doubt; and I glad that my fans and viewers showed me otherwise. 

As an artist who prefers to focus on deeper meanings within their songs, honing in on real societal issues, what would you say some of the prominent themes were in "This is Africa"? How did you design the song so that listeners were able to take away the significance it was attempting to impart? 

Well if you think about it, other races and countries around the globe have the preconceived notion that Africa is poor, and that Africa is struggling. The purpose of the song is to battle the bias and discrimination against Africa. Other countries and people also think about the bad things about Africa and never anything good. Every country and every race have good and bad things about them, but for some reason Africa is the only continent that gets more of a bad reputation than the others. So the purpose of “This is Africa” is to highlight the beauties and riches of the continent and the beauty and elegance of our people so viewers and listeners around the world can have a better understanding of who we are; and to also uplift the African people, some of whom have lost hope and love for their own land due to domestic issues in their own countries. 

Growing up, you were quickly introduced to the music world and subsequently understood your attraction to music and creation at a young age. Do you feel that finding that sentiment within music early on in life aided in the cultivation of the sound listeners hear today?

Yes I do believe it had a huge impact in what listeners hear today. Without certain musical role models that I mentioned before (ex. Kendrick Lamar, etc.), I would have not found my niche in the music industry. I’ve always had an ear and heart for music with meaning and a story, music that moves the soul, and music that persuades the mind. Those elements gave me the inspiration I needed to build my musical style to what listeners hear today, which is conscious hip hop steered to bringing knowledge and awareness to people around the globe. 

You frequently speak on wanting to make a difference as a music artist. In the future, what are some of the topics you want to tackle artistically? How do you feel you're on track to make the difference you desire within your music?

In the future I plan on tackling a lot of hard subjects. The topic of immigration will be talked about in my upcoming album called “An Immigrant Story” where I talk about my story of being an immigrant as I came to the US in 2008. The album will talk about my struggles of being an immigrant and how I overcame them. The purpose of this album is to use my experiences to bring light to the struggles and obstacles immigrants have to overcome in a new country as they try to make a better life for themselves. And to answer the second question, at this point in my career I feel that I am very well on track to achieving my goal in making a difference. I’ve had countless fans telling me that my music has changed the way they think and the way they look at life, and that’s exactly what I want to happen. At this rate, I should be close to completing my goal soon enough. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

Throughout 2020, expect me to be touring all over the globe and making a difference through my music and humanitarian efforts. I just came back from my Contradiction Tour in London so I can prepare for The Motherland Tour in Nigeria in June. In Nigeria I’ll be performing for my fans, shooting 4 music videos and heading my program called The African Outreach Project, where I donate clothes and shoes to various orphanages and homes across the country. The first city will be Port Harcourt in Rivers State, Nigeria. After the tour I’ll be heading back home to Jamaica to do the same thing and heading to Ghana in December to do the same thing, so 2020 is gonna be a busy season forClaneMatthew.