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CliffBado Delivers a Passionate and Politically Charged Anthem With, "Rule Us Well"

The Nigerian-American Afro-Pop Artist, Rapper, and Singer/Songwriter CliffBado touches on his home country's social and political challenges with his hit, "Rule Us Well."

After releasing a two-track EP titled, 'We Move,' CliffBado wanted to capture themes that were heavily prevalent in his life. With the first track, "Rule Us Well," CliffBado offers warm Afro-Pop instrumentals while standing in the heat of the #ENDSARS protests surrounding the Nigerian police force. Through the EP's second track, "Pull Up," CliffBado delivers more of an upbeat party tune to remind listeners that our current times won't last forever.

Focusing on the EP's first track, "Rule Us Well," CliffBado also released a visualizer music video for the song that gives listeners a better idea of the challenges that Africans (and, but not limited to, Nigerians) have endured through the unjust SARS unit within their police force. While the song itself offers serene instrumentation and production through the mellow Afro-Pop approach, CliffBado comes through with heightened passion towards his culture while exclaiming the need to come together.

Listening to the powerful hit, "Rule Us Well," the track opens with sonic warmth through the uplifting percussion patterns and soft background synths. As CliffBado begins singing with his highly melodic vocals, his delivery allows the listener to experience the song with ease while paying attention to his powerful lyrical message.

Listening to more of CliffBado's lyricism, he touches on themes of coming together to end the blatant abuse that the SARS unit has put Nigerian citizens through. The contrast between the mellow sonics and CliffBado's strong lyrical message is quite impressive, as he offers immense texture to the song that keeps us wanting more.

We always appreciate a powerful protest anthem, especially towards needed movements like #ENDSARS, and CiffBado couldn't have made his lyrical message any more empowering. We're excited to hear the rest of CliffBado's EP, 'We Move,' and get the entire experience he offers.

We love the passion you've delivered within your powerful protest anthem, "Rule Us Well." When did you initially begin creating the song, seeing as the #ENDSARS movement has been well underway for quite some time?

After seeing what’s happening, I had to lay my mind out with my music and also use it to support the youth out there in Nigeria who are physically protesting. Within your song, "Rule Us Well," the sonics are incredibly easy-going and mellow. Why did you want to capture this smooth listening experience, even though your lyrics are rather powerful?

Just like the beat was melodious I had to pinch in some powerful lyrics, so that people who are truly passing through brutality can relate. Speaking on the music video for your song, "Rule Us Well," how did you come up with the powerful scenes within the video that depict the struggles that Nigerians are facing?

Well, been able to live in Nigeria for some time and seeing videos of people on Instagram news and other platforms been harassed kind of gave me the idea and also with the help of my crew and Video director. Within your recently released EP, 'We Move,' why did you want to capture two songs that are rather different in themes?

Before the end sars began I dropped a single JOJO. So pull up was next to drop then the whole situation began and I recorded Rule us well and decided to drop it as an Ep. What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

Staying safe and family, and also the good vibe and people around me, and I love what I do.


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