Close Your Eyes and Wander With Storyteller Ida Therese

Norwegian Singer-Songwriter Ida Therese is here to share her most authentic storytelling yet. Being inspired by the 90's grunge era, as well as minimalistic pop, Ida Therese combines elements of each with her own personality, and the product is incredibly wholesome.

Only debuting as an artist this past fall, Ida Therese has a lot to share with listeners, and it continues with her most recent release, "Not Just a Word". 

Ida Therese is delivering an unplugged type of energy with her vocal performance in "Not Just a Word". The song holds an incredibly serene and tranquil ambiance, making it the perfect kind of track to wind down to. The innocence of Ida Therese's voice illuminates "Not Just a Word", which we found ultimately aided in the captivating element of the song.

Being a self-produced track, "Not Just a Word" embodies nature in a way, where the various pieces of Ida Therese's music come together to give an earthy and spirited wave of energy. It sources itself out from the song and washes over like a blanket of warmth.

The peaceful atmosphere that's created within Ida Therese's music is absolutely appreciated, and we're definitely keeping an eye out for this independent artist.

Discover "Not Just a Word" by Ida Therese here

What phases of the writing and recording of "Not Just a Word" did you feel most challenged as an artist? Would you say that you typically seek to be challenged artistically, within your own work?

This song was very interesting to record, as it’s been ten years since I wrote it. And my writing process has changed a lot in ten years! Back then I didn’t edit my lyrics much, I preferred to keep the first draft as raw as possible because I felt it was more authentic. Now I enjoy trying to make each line as strong as possible, and there are some details in this song I would have liked to touch upon. But at the same time, these lyrics are very special to me, as I wrote them when I first started dating my boyfriend, and I felt that the message would come across better if I left everything as is. So I think that was the biggest challenge; staying true to the original feeling. Vocally, it was also a bit challenging, because it’s a different range than I normally sing. But I quite enjoyed that! It’s good to try expanding the way I sing my own music.

Are you able to delve more into the kind of story you were telling listeners within "Not Just a Word"? 

The song is about being at the beginning of a relationship, and feeling very strongly that it’s going to last. A lot of people would say that you can never be sure. And maybe you can’t. But when you say that it’s going to last forever, it’s not just a word. And I still feel the same way ten years later!

As an artist who puts emphasis on sharing her stories, would you say that you prefer for your listeners to interpret the song how you meant for it to be interpreted, or are you open to your listeners understanding it in their own sense?

I really like it when people can put their own meaning into my songs. The lyrics I write are usually more open than this one, with more room for different listeners to experience different things. But even if «Not Just a Word» is very specific in its origin, I hope that people can be able to understand it in their own way and attach their own feelings and experiences to it. 

Where would you say you're taking your music next?

My next project is an acoustic EP that focuses a lot on the writing itself. That also includes a couple of older songs, but I’ve taken the liberty of editing a little. 

How are you keeping inspired throughout these tough times?

That can be very difficult. But I try to think that we all need content to consume, and if I have something to put out, that can help someone else. I get very motivated by the idea of the ability to inspire others! But we all have to find a balance of when to create and when to just breathe. Sometimes the breathing is enough.