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Codi Dillon Wants Nothing More Than to Uplift, Inspire and Elevate His Listening Base

Are you craving a real, authentically constructed performance? Then Codi Dillon is your type of artist and his music is your complete fix.

Codi Dillon showed off his hustling and bustling side with the release of "Killer Baby Doll," his eclectic, eccentric, and especially alluring pop extravaganza. With delicious and fun rhythms combined with the flavourful persona of Codi Dillon, "Killer Baby Doll" offers a contemporarily powerful ambiance that the current pop community would heavily appreciate.

The history of "Killer Baby Doll" begins in the Spring of 2021, where Codi Dillon began the songwriting process. The creative stage of this song quickly followed the debut of his album. Codi Dillon wanted to make an impactful statement and he knew that "Killer Baby Doll" was the way to go. He's also hoping that with the release of "Killer Baby Doll," he's able to empower and uplift many other individuals within the LGBTQ+ music community, specifically by allowing them to know that exploration with yourself is not only okay, but it's also important.

The genuine and raw emotion that Codi Dillon put forth in "Killer Baby Doll" provided such true moments of vulnerability from the artist. He's unapologetic with who he is and he's ensuring that through his music, his listeners are too.

If you're wondering what this self-driven artist is up to next, then you're in for a treat once you find out, because he's straight back in the studio preparing more emotionally stirring releases, as well as crafting up some other products that are planning to hit the market soon.

Catch the full BuzzMusic article on Codi Dillon here.


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