Codi Dillon Makes His Power Known in, "Killer BabyDoll"

Nashville-based pop recording artist, singer-songwriter, and producer Codi Dillon invite us on an empowering and sultry journey with his latest single, "Killer BabyDoll."

Codi Dillon strives to bring out the "freaks" of society and encourages them to express themselves unapologetically. Classically trained in piano and voice, it goes without saying that Codi Dillon is a force to be reckoned with, especially with help from his unique ability to blend fashion into music that's sonically different from the norm.

Now dropping his lively and toe-tapping banger, "Killer BabyDoll," Codi Dillon brings us into a heated venture with his unique and lustful delivery while putting on quite the charismatic vocal performance. Not to mention the song's blend of pop and hip-hop, we truly can't get enough of such a dense and exciting track like this.

Diving into "Killer BabyDoll," the track kicks off with a plucky keyboard melody alongside Codi Dillon's unique and vibrant vocal delivery. As the spicy drums pound their way through, Codi Dillon continues to drench us in their powerful and charismatic bars while bouncing to the punchy and crisp sonic background.

We love the authenticity that this single holds, as it offers an overall hip-hop tone but with accompanying elements of modern pop to liven the listening experience. We adore Codi Dillon's unique vocal portrayal, as his slight autotune and breathy delivery amplifies the hot and heavy atmosphere. As Codi Dillon makes his way around the hook one last time, the song ends on this heated and exciting note.

Lose yourself in the delicious vibe of Codi Dillon's latest single, "Killer BabyDoll," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Codi Dillon. We're head over heels for the authentic and exciting experience you've offered with your latest single, "Killer BabyDoll." What inspired you to write this empowering and sultry tune?

I began to write this song when I heard the beat earlier this Spring of 2021. I was in a very interesting position in my life and in my career. I just released my debut album a few months prior to when I began writing [Killer Baby Doll]. I knew my next release had to be a strong and career-defining statement. The sound was something new, that my listeners weren't used to. This year I have been really inspired by hyper and alt-pop sound influences, that I want to write to that kind of preface. This beat itself is very dominant and goes hard, so I wanted the emotion to reflect that. One night I sat in my bed and was just listening to the beat, and I just started writing about what I was feeling at the time, which was this feeling of anger towards society and people around me who did not understand me owning my feminity. I was always afraid of being associated with the term, "Fem," because I didn't want how I present myself as an artist and how I express myself visually to be the only point of view. I as a human offer more layers and go beyond just labels, so I took back my power of owning my identity and showcasing the strength of the thing I was most insecure of. Now, I embrace my feminine qualities as well as my masculine qualities, because I'm not one-dimensional. I hope other young LGBTQ+ listeners feel empowered by the song and know that it is okay to explore and own who you are.

Did you team up with any producers for "Killer Baby Doll?" What vibe and feel did you want the sonics to offer?

For this record, I did not team up with any producer organically. I found Vicii, who is a producer that made the beat and was sent to me. I didn't anticipate creating a whole concept around the track, for my only intention was to create something fun to put out. However, this single is fun to listen to and to make, it has a lot more soul and authenticity of who I am. I knew coming into 2021, I wanted to elevate my sound, and I feel this single is a taste of what's to come. I was open to the idea of experimenting with sounds, and I heard this Hip -Hop influenced beat and fell in love instantly. It had attitude and sass that I knew I could make my own, and really cater to the story I was trying to tell lyrically.

How do your lyrics and bars in "Killer Baby Doll" help us get to know you better? What should we take away from your lyrical content?

This song lyrically, alongside the rest of my work, is very genuine and filled with raw emotion. I always write from a venerable place because music is my only outlet to describe these feelings I have. You get to see a side of me I never really talk about. I dissect who I am based on image, I take the names and labels I've been associated with and play into them now as if I have the power to hold that title or not. I'm being 100% transparent and honest with who I am and owning my image and sexuality. What I hope you can take away from this song's lyrical content, is that you now know who I am and what I am about. With what I'm trying to say, who I'm singing to, and where I'm going with my music. My main purpose as an artist is to inspire and influence those like me who have felt these things.

Could you tell us more about your overall artistic brand? How does your music bring out the "freaks" of society, and how does your brand represent unapologetic self-expression?

My brand is to bring awareness and represent my queer youth and LGBTQ+ community through music. I want to create a space that is safe, loving, and welcoming to anyone who has ever felt like they don't belong or fit in with society, because of how they may identify or express themselves. My whole life I've fought to be taken seriously and have always stood my ground of identity and self-expression which caused me to receive lots of rejection from people around me because they couldn't understand. I hope to create and make music that inspires and speaks to the so-called "freaks," of the world to emerge and blossom into their true authentic selves and to not be afraid of the nay Sayers and people with one-sided views of who a person should be or act. I feel by my image and my loud and gaudy fashion taste, as well as my electro-dance pop-influenced music taste, that it's okay to break rules, boundaries, and limits because we only get so long on this earth, so why not live as many lives, live through as many journey's and experiences as we can, and do it unapologetically.

What's next for you?

After the release of "Killer Baby Doll," I have plans to go straight back into the studio with producer Chase Coy, to cook up the next banger to release later this year. While I have no visual intended for "Killer Baby Doll," I do plan to create some exclusive merch to release in the months to come for the single. I have so many fresh idea's and I can't wait to share them with the world. I did film a pilot TV show for an upcoming series called "Sync It," which could hit streaming services in 2022, so look out for that. In the meantime you can follow my socials and Spotify and enjoy the album I released last fall and the amazing visuals that go along with the experience of the album.


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