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Cold Engines Strikes Up Inner-Controversy With Their Recent Single, "She Looks a Lot Like You"

The North Shore Boston-based Retro-Wave Rock band Cold Engines releases a heated groove with their latest single, "She Looks a Lot Like You." As this is the fourth single off their upcoming album 'The Last Resort,' Cold Engines is incredibly eager to share the project for listeners to enjoy. Basking in the heated sonics of Retro-Wave, Power-Pop, and melodically driven Rock, Cold Engines is always demonstrating versatility within their overall sound. Consisting of David Drouin, Aaron Zaroulis, Geoff Pilkington, and Eric Reingold, Cold Engines has been making their way around the industry for quite some time now.

With their latest hit, "She Looks a Lot Like You," we hear the heated stylings of Cold Engines through a mid-tempo blaze that offers a slightly nostalgic aspect to late 80s Rock. While singing lyricism depicting the beginning of a new relationship and thinking about a past lover, we feel the confusion and ache within David Drouin's vocals that pour immense soul over the sultry and sensual single.

"She Looks a Lot Like You" opens with a massive mid-tempo drum beat, uplifting organs, and layered electric guitar that serves a prime-time Rock atmosphere. While David Drouin begins singing about the resemblance between his new lover and his past, we can't help but feel intrigued right from the jump, as Cold Engines pushes their warm and soulful instrumentals to offer this sultry sense of confusion.

Through mesmerizing guitar solos, electrifying organ elements, and a tightly-wound drum beat, Cold Engines is genuinely making a name for themselves with powerful singles like these. Ending the song off with the utmost energy and passion. We can't help but lose ourselves in the heat that Cold Engines delivers.

We're incredibly excited to hear Cold Engines' upcoming album, 'The Last Resort,' as it will not only feature the likes of their heated single "She Looks a Lot You," but they're giving an ode to Paul Verhoeven's album "Total Recall," which we're eager to hear.

We love the passion and grit you've delivered within your single, "She Looks a Lot Like You." Where did the song's lyrical concept derive from?

Funny you mention concept because it comes from this single being part of a fully realized concept album based on the 80’s sci-fi masterpiece, “Total Recall.” This part of the story is when the main protagonist is describing the woman of his literal reoccurring dreams.

Within your single "She Looks a Lot Like You," you capture this sultry, sensual, and gritty atmosphere through your instrumentals. Why did you choose this mid-tempo and heavy sonic route for the single?

The sonic elements and tones we envisioned for the single and the album as a whole were very much inspired by music of the ’80s like Prince, The Smiths, Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, Roxette, Tears for Fears, and The Police.

How do the released singles off your album 'The Last Resort' get listeners ready for the entire album to drop?

I think we chose a good cross-section of the material to give our fans an idea of the sprawling nature of the album. We’d like to think it moves gracefully through a few key genres.

Speaking on your upcoming album, 'The Last Resort,' how did you go about capturing Paul Verhoeven's "Total Recall" within the project?

That was a lengthy process of writing outlines and revisions until the story was told in a poetic and far out way. It’s a story of regular people joining together to defeat corporate and oligarchic overlords. That story is still unfolding in our real day to day experience.

What will we see from Cold Engines in 2021?

Well, the full album comes out New Year’s Day and we are very far along in the writing process for the next record so we will see what the world has in store for all of us in these uncertain times.


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