Colin Peterik Takes Us To The "West Coast"

Colin Peterik has never shied away from a musical challenge - which is why it comes as no surprise that the chops and imagination of this artist are ready to rise to the occasion of covering a song by Lana Del Rey.

Taking it upon himself, Peterik is the right man for the task. He was practically born into the music industry: the son of the legendary Jim Peterik, writer of "Eye Of The Tiger," "Hold On Loosely," and dozens of other era-defining songs. As a result, Colin Peterik knows all about the magic of rock and its promise of freedom, and he's seen the dangerous underside of the dream-making machine.

Taking the inimitable single "West Coast" to the forefront of his musical essence, Colin Peterik emphasizes a song that draws connections between show business, sexuality, freedom, and addictive behavior, as well as American iconography. What allows this highly enticing record to jump at us is the passion placed behind each word performed.

Being a staple in Lana Del Rey's musical catalog, the Chicago rocker has not lost integrity throughout his rendition. Bringing levels of texture to the edgy composition has us taking in "West Coast" in a whole new light. Holding onto the vulnerability shed in the original, he takes something so delicate and revamps it powerfully. Colin Peterik's knack for whimsical arrangements is brought to life when tuning into the various elements making up his cover of "West Coast."

Splashing the artistic structure in overdriven six-string to augment the song's rhythmic pulse, we still hear vulnerability drip from the spirit conveyed. As Colin Peterik ups the ante and has us immersed in all qualities of the original and his rock-enhanced version of "West Coast," it's clear why we needed a sliver of this peak moment to experience for ourselves.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Colin Peterik! Congratulations on the release of your cover for "West Coast." Taking a song as delicate and prevailing as Lana Del Rey's is no easy feat. What prompted the inspiration to take this creation under your wing?

Lana is easily one of my favorite current artists. There is a certain "timeless" quality that she captures. This song, in particular, could have been a hit in 1967 out of San Francisco. I've heard the song a million times, but I purposely avoided listening to it during the recording process so that I could leave my own stamp on it.

What does this song mean to you personally?

The provocative lyrics and sexy, smoke-filled atmosphere that this song emanates drew me in right away. It's a rare quality of a song to transport the listener to a different place. When she says, "I can see my baby swinging," I imagine being young and naive, ready for the night, drinks, and drugs to take you away from your moral "home base." The chorus is about letting the night sweep you away and being vulnerable.

Do you tend to revisit songs with an impact on you to add your artistic flair? What has this process been like for you?

I just started messing around with West Coast on an acoustic guitar, in the key of E minor. The original key was too high for me, but it felt so good in E minor that I eventually brought it to the band. We jammed it out a couple of times, and all looked at each other like, "Hey, we might have something here!" It was a great moment for us to come out of rehearsal with a plan for a new single and video. It was all very organic.

At what point do you know a song is complete? How did you know when "West Coast" would be ready for you to release?

At some point, the artist must paint the final brush stroke. This can sometimes be impossible, especially for someone who is a perfectionist. However, with this song, we really wanted the "live" feel, so we didn't do many overdubs or overthink it too much. Craig Bauer put the final touch on the mix, and with his stamp of approval, I knew it was done.

From the start of your music career to now, what have you noticed about your growth?

I feel like my confidence as an artist has grown. I have found my voice, and I'm not afraid to take chances. One of the reasons I wanted to pay tribute to Lana is because she is the epitome of an artist, someone who is constantly taking chances and redefining her sound. That is something I aspire to be.