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Colleen McKee Brings Spontaneous Bliss in “Married in Vegas"

Wheaton, IL, is home to country music recording artist and songwriter Colleen McKee. Named an Off The Row Breakout Artist at Off The Row Studio in Nashville, TN, she has since recorded multiple songs in Nashville in the studio with the top-tier team.

Her music has since been featured on Big 95.5FM, as well as The Women Of Country, as Colleen McKee continues releasing new content for her audience to feast upon.

Upbeat and lively is a theme that we can continuously count on Colleen McKee to deliver. Her latest single, "Married in Vegas," plays upon the buoyant concepts she tends to insert into her signature sound and delves into the spontaneous whirlwind that comes over her as she's falling deep for someone.

Her powerful croons are a force to be reckoned with as she professes these playful lyrics with a grin on her face, and who wouldn't when caught in the motions of heartrending tendencies. With words drastically intensified in the realm of spontaneous actions, we hear just how passionate the apple of her eye makes her feel.

Using metaphors that surround games of chance and wording that touches on the well-known scenery in the city of sin, "Married in Vegas" gives us all a rush of adrenaline as we take in the Country-Pop single. Containing all trademarks of a signature hit, Colleen McKee hones in on elements that transport us to the blissful utopia of wedding bells being heard as an Elvis impersonator is the officiant for a moment to remember.

Wrapping us in exactly what we need to live through her bold choices, "Married in Vegas" gives us that boost of confidence, all while taking in the unmatched charisma of Colleen McKee and her striking timbres.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Colleen McKee. With such a bold concept laced into “Married in Vegas,” what prompted you to write this song?

I started writing the concept for this song during the peak of the pandemic. I was stuck in my bedroom and thought the idea of going to Las Vegas and getting married by Elvis would be so fun. The beginning of the pandemic felt scary and uncertain so coming up with this concept was a great way for me to escape reality for a bit. There are so many pop culture instances where people run off to Las Vegas and get hitched so I wanted to take that concept and turn it into a catchy country song. I eventually took the concept to Off The Row studios where Sarah Morey and Erin McCaffrey helped bring the song to life. The song would not be here if it wasn’t for all of their help!

Would you ever dare to do something as spontaneous as drive to Las Vegas and get hitched? Do you think it's important to be spontaneous in your lifetime?

I think eloping in Las Vegas could be so fun and turn into the best memory. Could you imagine those wedding pictures? Iconic! I absolutely think being spontaneous and taking risks is important. We grow most as individuals when we step outside of our comfort zones and do something that scares us. That is where growth lies. I need to continue to be spontaneous and take my own advice. I look forward to taking more risks and growing more.

How would you compare this track to other songs that you’ve previously released? What does "Married in Vegas” say about you?

I think Married in Vegas shows a fun side to my personality. As much as I love writing about heartbreak and revenge, I felt it was time to release a song that was lyrically clever but also something you would want to listen to during a girl's night or while driving down the highway. The past few years have been rough on all of us so it was important to me to release a song that felt like an escape.

What happens to be your favorite part of the release process? Why?

The release process is always so fun. It’s such an exciting time before and after the song is live. My favorite part of the release process is when the song is finally out for everyone to hear. I’ve probably listened to this single a million times before it finally came out. I love getting feedback from my family, friends, and fans. It helps me grow as an artist and helps me decide what’s next!

What's next for you, Colleen?

I have been writing more and more so I am hoping to get back into the studio at some point and record more music. I would love to release a music video and show off my ability to perform and connect with an audience. I was involved in numerous show choirs growing up so I would love to have a music video that shows off my singing and dancing. I also plan to move to Nashville by the end of 2022. Just need to take a risk and go for it!


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