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Colton Graves Melts Even the Coldest Hearts on Latest Release, "Smile For Me"

The Folsom-bred, barn-raised, and horse mounting, Colton Graves, is the California Country crooner skillfully warbling over the soft saturation of his deeply enamoring voice on "Smile For Me"—the latest addition to his garnished catalog. It's already had world-wide charting fame and has regularly adorned the U.S. sonic airwaves with its salacious addictive presence.

Now, with his newly attached Sony sister label, the smooth pacing songster buckles down for the upward trajectory his infatuating country productions are going to take him, and we couldn't be more excited.

Colton Graves steers the reigns of "Smile For Me," and it's smooth galloping love-serenade vibes. It all centers around the oozy character dissolving from our singer's harmonizing vocal tonalities. He finds support in gliding steel-stringed guitar swells, the vehement twang of his southern-reminiscent drawl, the orchestration of earthy drums, the sway of blooming violins, and the deep bellow of a healthy bass guitar. Colton's top-line melody steals the show here, as most of the production is designed to evolve and develop with the intoxicating infatuation this singer's voice produces deep in the core of our hearts. 

"Smile For Me," a mid-tempo-burn with an enormous upswelling payoff that manifests when we reach the last resounding choruses' final crescendos. And as our Californian buzzes over the last breathe between his words, we can't help but hit the replay button for one more swing around Colton Grave's musical spectacle.

Listen to "Smile For Me" here.

Hello Colton and welcome to BuzzMsuic. What's the story behind "Smile For Me," and what were the main sentiments surrounding its detailed narrative?

It’s about how there’s a lot of times in relationships where the happiness seems to leave altogether and everything turns bitter. 

Do you feel like Folsom has a lot to do with the aesthetic you take on as a Country artist or were there other factors concerning your influences?

I think that Folsom and the surrounding area of Sacramento and Tahoe definitely have influenced me to love country music. People seem to not realize that there is a lot of country culture in California. It’s not just surfing and palm trees. I do love to surf though haha, and I like Palm trees. 

What's been a ritual you confide in lately that helps you get in the songwriting mood, and did you tap into those influencing methods for this single?

Honestly, I don’t have a ritual. Sometimes I’ll find a melody and can work with it. Sometimes I can’t. I feel like if I sit and try and force myself to make a song...nothing happens. I just feel lucky that I have stumbled across some melodies that work. 

What's been an aimed-for milestone since the beginning of your career, and how have you been working towards accomplishing that goal every day?

It is definitely still the very beginning of my career. I got to hear myself on the radio so far so that was pretty cool. I think my main goal is just to get the songs listened to.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My pug George. He’s a funny little dog that is definitely great and cheering you up if you are having a bad day haha.


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