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Compltr's New Release "Fare Jumper" Gives Us A Hazy Feeling

Compltr is the project by Jeff Wright that was kick-started 2018 with the CS release of Purification Ritual via Etruscan Gold (Wax Idols’ imprint label). “Fare Jumper” is the first single from Rogue, set to release on April 19th. Fare Jumper highlights the recognition of consistently destroying oneself while being disgusted with the result despite not knowing how to better it.

The intro of “Fare Jumper” consists of upbeat drums with a slightly dark timbre along with distorted guitar riffs and somewhat melancholic vocals. The song is roughly two and a half minutes long, but packs a lot of punch within a short amount of time. The drums are at an even tempo and give a kind of darker twist, similar to Foster the People. The concept of the song is definitely complicated and has an edgy yet indie feel to it. The topics of the song range on variety of topics, taking a raw and blunt perspective on life. Compltr has a sound of his own and is ready and equipped to share it with listeners from all over the world. His sound is different but appealing to a broad range of listeners. Definitely an artist to keep an eye out for!

Stream Compltr's "Fare Jumper" now on Spotify.


Keep up to date with the latest on Compltr through the artists website!


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