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Corbon Amodio Takes Us Back to the 80s in His New Song Dance "With You"

Do you ever yearn for a time from the past? One filled with bell-bottoms, shoulder pads, and discos. Well, get your speakers ready because Corbon Amodio’s new song, "Dance With You," is the time machine you’ve been waiting for. This South African producer uses sounds and samples popularized during the 80s era and mixes them with modern techniques. This combination produces a unique style of music that Corbon has coined ‘Alternative Dance-Pop’.

You can hear the 80s influences throughout the song. You can hear those influences in the dancing bass line, vocal styling, and synth sounds. Modern influences can be heard just as clearly in the way the beat rises and falls, and in the intro vocal, and in the song structure itself. Corbon is revolutionizing the modern dance-pop genre. In fact, the South African artist moved to the vibrant city of London to further his musical career. In the year 2020, he plans on releasing one song per month. He expects to claim the title of ‘Greatest Artist of The Generation’. With the quality of work he has produced so far, I believe that this title is within reach.

Listen to "Dance With You" here.

Hey Corbon Amodio, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here! We love Dance With You and the way you’re revolutionizing the Dance-Pop genre. This quality of work must have taken years to achieve. How long have you been practicing and writing music? Hi Buzz Music! thank you for having me. I've been making music for about 5 years now but I've only started making this style very recently (it must be about four months maximum) so it's very fresh to me but it feels like it's been there the whole time.

The era of the Disco was a very important one in music history. It’s powerful and liberating sounds made it a genre of music that was feared and eradicated. What was it about 80s era music, that inspired you to create your unique music? I think we can all agree that 80s has this hypnotic effect to it where you're almost transported into the 80s when listing to 80s music and I want to bring that same energy back to modern times, I became so interested in how timeless all these songs were that I was listening to that I just wanted to understand what was really going on and in that birthed the must that I'm making currently. I also love retro synth styles and basses so it was a bit of a no brainer.

Your music simultaneously mirrors the essence of the ’80s and the vibe of the modern age. How do you compose your music, to ensure that it does this? This is a bit of a tough question to answer because it almost comes naturally to the point where I'm not really thinking about blending the ages but there are distinguishing sounds of the 80s that are amazing that I use and I think because I am of this age and myself still growing up with all of the modern music around me the blend just comes naturally. I am always about innovation and trying new things and look to up artists that do the same so the idea sounds more intense than it is but I'm really just being my creative self.

This year will be a very busy one for you, as you plan to release a new song every month. How long has it taken for you to build such a repertoire of music? So I took a break from music for two years to study and work and just live life in general and I went traveling to Europe last year and saw the dance scene happening there and just got so inspired to make music again and it was so organic and so pure that I couldn't stop, I must've bashed out the tracks in 4 months from that point.

What can your fans expect next from you, Corbon Amodio?

Fans can expect bigger and better things, as cliche as that sounds this is the first time that I've really thought about my approach and style and portrayal of this pop dance character I've created and so with every single release a bit more of the character will be revealed (whether it's in a video or photo, etc).


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