Cory Hueston Spreads His Wings and Proceeds on His Upward-Trajectory Under the New Moniker 'Hueston'

"It was like being in a relationship where you're just comfy, but you're not in love with it anymore, and all the small things that go with that," is how Cory Hueston described his remaining moments as part of The Blancos. The Florida-native recalls feeling defeated over discussing the justifications behind their splitting, and now, comes out of the confines of his previous form, embracing an all-new mindset of his own. "I believe in making music I would want to listen to, that's it, no boundaries, I'm always trying to break new ground," he tells us when discussing his logic behind the rationale behind his new music's core. But out of all tragedy and misfortune comes a new beginning and a fresh rebirth. And that's what Cory has experienced in his manifestation as Hueston, and with the drop of his new single, "Change It Up."

The track opens up with an ominously pressing sample that drafts on the edges of Hueston's Auto-Tune swelling vocal performance. Here, his production reflects the modern sport of empowering the thirty-second note scattering beat atop the hi-hats, but here, he exhibits a more meticulous approach in how he injects his orchestrations with stuttered pauses and a nice flex of his dynamic topline flow and melody. Probably the most potent aspect of this single comes in the sudden swerve into the B section, where Hueston steps closer in the mix and croons with enamoring effectiveness as he sings, "you changed, yeah baby you changed, yeah you changed, changed it up on me," in a totally new and encompassing atmospheric space.

It's reminiscent of the type of experience that washes over you slowly but acts quickly in how captivating it attracts your allure, like a hot shower, or that quick dip from a hot tub to pool. "Change It Up" depicts a bright and exacting lust story and the allure of the nightlife in every city from L.A. to Luxembourg. With its sexually energized resonance and the dynamic expression he explains through his solo venturings as Hueston, this track truly begins to culminate into a lethal awakening of an artist snowballing in his own independent success.

What usually excites your urge to create music, and does it resonate the same way it did when you first started dabbling in music?

Everything in my life and every experience I've ever had, good or bad, dark or light, urges me to create. I am just as excited to create today, if not more than when I started. It's like being a samurai or some shit, going from a novice to a master. It's so fun using all the different tricks and skills you've learned along the way, but most importantly it is how over time, you constantly learn to simplify. 

When did you know which direction you wanted to go with Hueston, and how do you think "Change It Up" fits into that frame?

I never really know what direction I'm going in, it just kind of happens. Just like the song did. That's my favorite part about this project compared to The Blancos. I feel way more outside of the box and I care a lot less about what people think these days. 

What's been the most liberation part about stepping away from The Blancos and extending out as a solo artist?

The most liberating part is doing something that I knew that I had in me the whole time, but I wasn't able to purely express that because of my obligation to The Blancos. Every time that I had an idea, or I wanted to do something it had to be compromised to be a part of The Blancos, which was fine because I loved doing it for so many years, but I was craving artistic independence. I really wanted people to see how much work I actually put into my music.

What can we expect to witness from you artistically as you continue to release new music under the unconstraining heading of being an independent artist?

For me to push the boundaries and continue striving for greatness. I've been dropping new music every two weeks and I hope to continue that into dropping a debut album. Lots of writing for other artists and producing. Also launching my label/ publishing company, Young Hueston LLC. 

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020?

It's hard not to be inspired when the world is on fire.