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Craymo's Music Is The Embodiment Of Unity In "One Love One World"

Aiming to make the world a better place, one record at a time, the optimistic enthusiasm of multi-genre artist Craymo will have you basking in the buoyant energy surrounding him. Looking to leave behind a legacy with the enticing melodies heard in "One Love One World," Craymo deems this record as one of his proudest accomplishments to date.

With his heart chalked-full of love, and a desire to aid people on their healing journey, his love for the world and all those that reside in it, becomes more apparent through the lyrical motifs professed throughout the track.

We can’t help but fall in love with the colorful harmonies gleaming within the upbeat hues shed through the deeply rooted message. Captivating the true quintessence of himself, and casting outlines of heartfelt tenors to those tuning in, we admire the bright perspective of Craymo in “One Love One World,” as we walk amongst one another being strengthened by unity.

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