Cruel Billie's Letting Everyone Know She's "Shameless" in EP Debut

Cruel Billie is the type of singer-songwriter that could easily seduce any listening ear with her dark, enchanting charm. It is this very charm that allows her and her impressionable songs to resonate so well with others. This quality gets carried over to her first full EP, which she titled 'This Is Kismet.'

The song was written in Redlands, CA, which is Cruel Billie's hometown. Produced in Los Angeles by Riley Geare, 'This Is Kismet' was Cruel Billie's way to honor many inspirations that served her throughout her life so far. If you want to get to know Cruel Billie in a deep and authentic sense, then 'This Is Kismet' would be the best way to do it.

One particularly notable track is "Shameless," which comes right off of her debut EP. Encapsulating a slow and sensual tone, Cruel Billie emulates energy that is simply addicting. And we mean addicting, especially if you're one to appreciate the raw, unplugged-type atmosphere. With an incredibly compelling voice, Cruel Billie plays with her range in a playful and lax way that's able to give off many highly seductive visuals. You can feel the power and innocence she exudes all at once in "Shameless," which are impactful emotions that tie nicely into the song's narrative.

To give a quick synopsis without giving too much away, "Shameless" focuses on a particular love interest that Cruel Billie appears to be completely adhered to. With various loving and mysterious lyrics, "Shameless" is one of those songs that may have you feeling some way. Ultimately, prepare yourself for the captivating rath of Cruel Billie because she isn't letting down anytime soon.

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Welcome to BuzzMusic Cruel Billie, and congratulations on the successful release of your EP, "This Is Kismet." How does it feel to have this piece of work finished and released to the music world?

Hi! Thank you so much. I’m just over the moon to have This Is Kismet out there in the ether! I love this collection of songs and feel it’s a great introduction to the beloved music world.

What kind of mindset did you have going into the recording of "Shameless?"

When I wrote Shameless in 2019, it was all a really visual writing process for me and I wanted to encapsulate those visuals through the sound. It’s a song inspired by the hopeless loss and longing that unreciprocated love can be and I feel like we really hit it right on the nose with this one.

Your voice is the hallmark of "Shameless" as it's effortlessly captivating. Does this quality to your performance come naturally to you or was it something you had to craft? Wow, thank you! I would say it’s a bit of both. I tend to be a little shy so I’ve really had to push myself over the years to transmit the same sound and voice I have when writing in my bedroom by myself, into the studio. It’s been great to listen back and to hear the progress made with the new work coming out. Using my voice will always be a very important and evolving goal of mine.

We've heard that you have yet another song release coming up near the end of October. Can listeners expect this song to be similar to the likes of "Shameless?"

Yes! Can’t wait. Each track on 'This Is Kismet' has a very personalized and dynamic sound in and of itself but you can hear the influence of Shameless sprinkled throughout the EP.

What's next for you?

Right now I’m working on writing a full-length album that marks a true evolution, picking up right where 'This Is Kismet' left off. Other than that, I hope to be singing for you-wherever you are!