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Dame Elevates His Sound With New Release "Winners"

Hip/Hop artist Dame resides in the great city of Baltimore, Maryland, and is transforming his music as we near the end of 2019! His enthusiastic style that he presses into his very sound is al elevating element to what makes Dame, well, Dame! As an artist who prides himself in creating electrified and passionate music, Dame is always wanting to amplify his sound to the next level, in whichever manner that can be. One of his most recent releases, "Winners", has gained the attention it deserves with the serious flow it maintains and the incredibly catchy melody it captures.

"Winners" has that soft aggressive approach, which seems almost like a paradox with Dame's sound. The track opens up with more of an eclectic styling for an underlying beat, but will almost immediately go into the fast vocal approach from Dame. "Winners" has that effortless confidence emulated throughout the track. That type of confidence can easily be projected onto any listener, which is what ultimately gives "Winners" that hyped-up feeling. Dame chooses his production wisely with this track, and we stress that because the synthesis and collection of beats really augment the quality of "Winners". All in all, we can easily announce that "Winners" is a catchy track, one that's easy to resonate with from a listeners point of view, and especially one that's breaking through to the Hip/Hop music scene!

Give a listen to the soundings of Dame in "Winners" here.



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