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DAN-GANJA And Sanity Lyrically Bring The Heat In “Alarm Clock”

DAN-GANJA is a music producer and recording artist from the city of Paramount, California. He’s the founder of the collective called “RICH MIND$”. He released the single titled “Alarm Clock” alongside the artist Sanity whose also a poet and producer out of Carson California. Together they fused together lo-fi and old-school hip-hop with a contemporary and current flare. The beat was like an urban spin on the popular “Elevator music” sound that you hear in pop culture. However, the delivery from both rappers were both on point. They transcended into different generations and eras of rap while maintaining a refreshing sound. DAN-GANJA and Sanity represent a set of rappers whose lyrical ability could be unmatched. Just the way that they write their material alongside curating their storylines is just compelling to me. “Alarm Clock” fits best for the lovers of intellectual rap. There’s a subgenre for everything, and conscious rap is taking over the mainstream public now! DAN-GANJA and Sanity fit right in! “Alarm Clock” is a nice vibe that you can catch during this breezy summer.

Check out "Alarm Clock" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic DAN-GANJA & Sanity. So let’s talk a little about your background. How would you describe your upbringing and growing environment?

[DAN-GANJA - Damn, well I grew up in a single parent household. My mother took care of me, my two sisters and brother. I was the youngest. I experienced a lot at a young age, but music was always there for me. I had everything too, from a Walkman tape player to the iPods when they first came out.]

[Sanity - As for me, I came from a small household, only child, my mom was a singer, a huge part of why I started making music. I wanted to explore poetry just cause I needed a way to vent my thoughts.]

In what ways has your background essentially impacted your style of music?

[Sanity - Well, I come from Kerala, located in South India, the beauty of my heritage really helped me take this music seriously. I wanted to stay in tuned with my roots. At first it was just fun but as time went by, I realized how important making an impact is.]

[DAN-GANJA - Same here, just touching on what Sanity said, it was all fun and games at first, but soon as I realized how much I truly loved music and wanted to push the community forward, shit got real. Starting taking everything a bit more serious. I grew up in the city of Paramount, California. Lived most of my life with my grandparents. It’s a long story, but it was all for the better. I guess just witnessing my family’s struggles and how we were able to always overcome, really molded me into the man I am today. And when it comes to the music, I’ve always wanted to create meaningful content. Always want to make sure that there is a message involved.]

Speaking of your music, we listened to your single titled “Alarm Clock” and it was a killer! What was the main theme behind this record you were hoping to accomplish?

[Sanity - When Dan-G showed me the beat, I felt like it was a perfect time to give somethin’ to the people, I laid the hook and we agreed to spit about motivation. I mean, the whole project is really a sense of drive for your mission, for anyone that needs that pick me up in the morning to start the day and grind, and especially with this track, it lays the basis down.]

[DAN-GANJA - I honestly couldn’t have explained it any better. Sanity took the words out of my mouth. Like I said, there’s always a message involved. This track really came together so organically because we basically spoke on our daily grind and how we stay productive. Shout out to the God Father Rito and my man Piano Blac for being apart of this record!]

What gave you inspiration for “Alarm Clock”?

[DAN-GANJA - I really didn’t have any expectations for the record. I was just making beats that day. I just found this sample, cut it, looped it, added some percussion. Called up Sanity, showed it to him, he added some keys and synths, soon we had a concept and a hook for the record and tracked it soon after. This was all during the time we were working on the “Flip Side” album. The creative juices were flowing.]

[Sanity- Man, a lot of what I was feeling at the time was getting up, tryna find a reason to keep on livin' through the ups and downs, Dan & I knew that when we started this journey. For that reason to spread positivity through our raps and movement.]

What’s next for you DAN-GANJA? What’s next for you Sanity?

[DAN-GANJA - I’m making sure the team (RICH MIND$ Collective) stays tight. I’m working on new music too, we’re always locked in the studio. We have a lot of projects dropping before the year is over, so just preparing. Also getting ready to coordinate a few events again too. I can’t give too much away! Just know that new content is on the way, so please stay tuned and keep up with me and the squad.]

[Sanity- Just exploring music, literature, creative writing and whatever comes my way, life's been moment to moment lately, expanding the skill through many means.]


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