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Dan Searl Recently Released the Inspirational Track the World Desperately Needed

Maine singer-songwriter Dan Searl captures our hearts and gives us all a little more, "Hope," with his most recent single. Maybe it's because of the warm guitar riffs or the catchy chorus melodies, or perhaps his tender vocal performance. Either way, there is no doubt that we are absolutely in love with his heartfelt inspirational track.

This Acoustic-Pop soundscape that Dan Searl has created has quickly become the soundtrack of his listeners' lives that was much needed. Searl explains that "Hope is about a feeling of positive connection or purpose." He continues to say that "hope is like medicine for life" in his personal life, he is learning to rely on meditation and prayer, and the release of this track was the manifestation of those two actions.

Currently, Searl is hard at work on more experimentation in the areas of his chord progressions, sound design, and pop stylistic songwriting techniques. He also hopes for more collaborations in the releases to come as well as more drama-oriented video content paired with his tracks.

It's no question that Searl is a fantastic musician, but he is also an ambitious leader within the music industry. In 2019 Searl took a break from releasing music to focus on building his label and producing other artists in the Boston area. His goal was to give back and help new artists as he could empathize with the struggles they were facing.

We are thrilled for Searl's success in the early part of 2021 and can't wait to see what's next for him. You can learn more about him here.


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