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Daniel Ojo Debuts "My Desire" With Christiana Washington

Daniel Ojo offers beautiful arrangements of Gospel and Soul expressions. As a Worship Leader, Daniel Ojo finds strength in solidifying his music in his faith. To date, he's released a collection of singles that praise such faith in an artistically elaborate way. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, Daniel Ojo takes his many life experiences and the wisdom gained from such experiences to craft harmoniously affecting music. Recently, Daniel Ojo teamed up with singer/songwriter Christiana Washington to give a genuine, emotion-filled listening experience that goes by the title of "My Desire."

"My Desire" is full of inspiration for the taking. Daniel Ojo and Christiana Washington give listeners impactful resonances that can lift, elevate and empower listeners. The strong piano presence heavily contributes to the powerful effect of "My Desire," as it contains that whimsical yet boisterous vitality. You can easily hear the clear rhythm-and-blues influences embedded into "My Desire," which in turn produces a warm, earthy kind of expressiveness. It's almost impossible not to warm up from the feel-good rhythms that the song possesses, as the passion from Daniel Ojo and Christiana Washington has the power to take over one's senses.

What's a sweet-sounding melody without an even sweeter storyline? Daniel Ojo chose the best themes to portray, focusing on love, desire, and pure affection, which is why it's increasingly difficult not to feel some good feeling upon listening to "My Desire."

All in all, "My Desire" is one song that not only pushes the boundaries of the current Gospel/Soul music scene but sets the standard for other songs within the category to come.

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic Daniel Ojo. Your latest song release, titled "My Desire," recently debuted and featured your close friend Christiana Washington. How was the collaboration between the two of you for this single? The Collaboration between myself and Christiana Washington was incredible. Even though we've never met in person, there was a connection most especially to the song and that made the entire process really smooth. She has the heart that pants for God and that really resonated with me. She's such an incredible singer, worshipper, genuine, humble, and very easy to work with.

Were there any moments during the writing stage of "My Desire" that you felt challenged as an artist?

There was no moment of writing the song that I felt challenged. The answer to the next question below gives more clarity to this answer.

Where did you extract the influence for writing "My Desire?" The song was birthed in prayer, and it is really my heart's cry to God daily. This helped the process of writing the song. This is my prayer every day/any day, to want nothing else but more of God. Coming to the knowledge of who He is and not just what he can do. I was pretty much just pouring out my heart in this song! My inspiration always comes from God, his word, my communion, and my fellowship with him.

How would you describe the ultimate emotion you were hoping your listeners would experience after listening to "My Desire?"

I am hoping that my listeners will experience a yearning, or pretty much as the song title, a desire for God. There are so many issues in this life, so many questions, so many distractions, but the answer, the solution is JESUS. And I pray my listeners will be drawn close to God more than ever.

What's next for you, Daniel?

I have another single coming out soon, titled "Greater". I am super excited for this song as well and cannot wait for the world to hear it.


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