Daniel Ojo Hopes To Bring His Audience Closer To God With, "My Desire"

From Ottawa, Canada, singer-songwriter Daniel Ojo teamed up with vocalist Christina Washington for a passionate song of prayer entitled "My Desire."

Daniel Ojo has one inspiration and one inspiration only; the grace of God and his almighty power to heal, rejuvenate, and empower his children. Singer-songwriter Daniel Ojo took this inspiration and made an influential career for himself by creating compelling and powerful songs like "My Desire."

The emotion-filled listening experience features the soulful vocals of Christina Washington. During a recent interview with us, Ojo opened up about his experience working with Washington and said that although they have yet to meet in person, there was a certain spark or connection that both artists felt, which made the process easier than expected.

When asked about the inspiration for "My Desire," Ojo said that "The song was birthed in prayer, and it is really my heart's cry to God daily. I was pretty much just pouring out my heart in this song."

More than anything, Daniel Ojo hopes listeners will gravitate closer to God with help from his single, "My Desire," featuring Christina Washington. Find "My Desire" on all digital streaming platforms.

You can read our full interview with Daniel Ojo, here.