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Daniela Galasso Keeps You Warm With Her New Release “Embers”

The California-raised singer and songstress returns with a heartwarming new single that will captivate audiences with its fusion of folk and electro-pop elements.

Raised in the “Golden State” of California, Daniela Galasso's music is characterized by lyrical and ideological depth, fused with modern pop, indie and even folk sounds. She’s a storyteller at heart, using her significant musical prowess to paint vivid pictures and stories of relationships and love, personal struggles and even ordinary life, making her easy to relate to on the listener's part.

Galasso's journey to creating "Embers" was an interesting one. Galasso made the song as part of a songwriting challenge where she was given ten words to include in a song. “Anymore” was one of those words, and it inspired the creation of the post-chorus, which added to the song's dramatic flair. After she played it live for the first time for some friends in a cabin in Tahoe, something struck, and the rest, they say, is history.

“Embers” showcases Galasso's musical prowess, highlighting her signature sound that pushes and crosses genre boundaries. Over upbeat instrumentals that feature a cheery, hopeful guitar and upbeat, heartwarming synths, Galasso shifts between confident assuredness in her verses and slightly more frantic energy in the chorus, dropping lines like “If it starts snowing / We'll still be glowing” with the kind of straightforward honesty and vulnerability that instantly makes you feel like you want to root for her. We can’t wait to see how far she can go.

With "Embers," Galasso continues to solidify her status as an artist to watch with her easy-to-enjoy sound and highly relatable lyrics. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream “Embers,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Daniela. We loved “Embers;" it made for such an easy listening experience, but it still felt like it tugged on our heartstrings! We have to ask, what clicked for you when you played “Embers” for your friends in the cabin at Tahoe? What was it like fleshing out the concept in your head to the version you decided on and perfected later?

When I played Embers for my friends in Tahoe, we were cozying up in the dim-lit living room of our cabin—I played the song live on my acoustic guitar with simple strums; it felt like sharing stories around a campfire. I love that Embers was born from that simplicity, and I’ve kept the idea of woods/campfire front and center as I developed the final version. The songwriting didn’t change much from the original version…aside from changing the “Anymore” melody. I kept the song as it was when I first wrote it.

Moving into production, I was torn because I both wanted to conserve the “folk-i-ness” of the lyrics and the acoustic guitar demo. Still, I also wanted to infuse fresh energy and cinematic sound of a pop production…Ultimately, I decided to do two versions, one acoustic and one with the pop sound I’ve been developing as an artist. For the pop version, me and my producer, Brennan Stuart, included organic & eclectic sounds into the mix—for example, if you listen closely at the beginning, you’ll hear a fire crackling!

What drives you to make music?

I feel like music is my calling. I’m drawn to it and feel my best when creating and working on my craft. I have actively tried to do other things professionally but always return to music—like a first love. Songwriting and singing are where I find the most joy, where I’m truly mesmerized––I like the challenge and creativity of making something that people want to sing along to. I’m constantly inspired by other artists.

If you had to describe your music to a new listener, how would you describe it?

Lately, I’ve been telling people that my music is a cross between indie-pop and folktronica like Lennon Stella meets Ellie Goulding and Maggie Rogers. I like to experiment with eclectic sounds and polished electronic instruments and write fun, catchy melodies—but also, much of my writing is reflective. It has the gentle, vulnerable sound of indie/folk music.

What is your favourite music-related memory?

I love to dance and got sucked into the electronic dance scene in college. Some of my favourite memories include getting together with my friends and attending music festivals to see our favourite DJs/artists. There’s nothing like experiencing that music with the energy of a crowd and the production/sound of a huge stage.

Can we expect to hear new music soon?

Yes, absolutely. I have some more singles releases this year, leading up to my debut EP.

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