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Danielle Ryan Leans Into The Past With, "Take Me Back"

From British Columbia, passionate singer-songwriter and country-pop recording artist Danielle Ryan chants "Take Me Back" in a stunning and exciting new single.

Having grown up on her great grandmother's dairy farm in rural BC, Ryan was able to develop her writing and performance skills behind the curtain. Now, the Canadian singer-songwriter is making ripples with immense national media coverage, a top 6 spot in the 2016 Canadian Country Music Association Discovery Program, and winning Country Music Television's Chevy from the Tailgate Contest.

Her recent single, "Weather Man," saw over 300k streams worldwide, and we're sure Ryan will get the same, if not more, attention on her latest hit, "Take Me Back." The new song is a hopeful anthem that sings of wishing a lover would take her back to easier times in their relationship, evoking this bright and cheerful optimism that anyone can appreciate.

Elaborating on "Take Me Back," the thrilling new tune opens with Danielle Ryan's velvety and tender vocals alongside core country instrumentals that gleam and shimmer with passion. As the warm percussion begins to kick in, Ryan continues to expand on wanting to rediscover the love they once shared, relishing the magic that once was.

On the foot-stomping hook, Ryan's bright and pop-esque vocal harmonies chant all the love and affection she holds for this special someone and ramps up the energy with nothing but hope. The instrumentals in this song perfectly enhance Ryan's meaningful message of wanting to rekindle a once-lit flame, but the BC artist's performance is by far the captivating focal point.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Danielle Ryan. We're thrilled to feature your passionate and hopeful new single, "Take Me Back." Could you describe the moment you felt inclined to create this reminiscent piece?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me!! It was when I was scrolling through Instagram one day, and I was seeing all these posts captioned "Take Me Back." The photo would be of them at the beach years back, or before they had kids, or back when they were skinny (joke). That became the inspiration when writing the song.

Do you always blend classic country and modern pop elements when creating your songs? Did you work with anyone to help navigate that process for "Take Me Back"?

My process is always to make the song sound like how it was written. Meaning; if it sounds really country, just record it country, and vice versa. There's no point trying to fight something to make it fit a mold. I have worked with a handful of producers over the years. "Take Me Back" was produced by Spencer Cheyne and Justin Kudding. I went out to Calgary to record in a studio located out in farmland. It felt like home. The guys brought the song to life how I had imagined it, but better.

How does "Take Me Back" stand out from your previous releases? What does this song capture that some of your others might not?

The energy of "Take Me Back" is so present. For what it's worth, this is a song I scream at the top of my lungs when I get mixed and play it in my car. It feels so alive. My hope is that everyone else can feel that same buzzing feeling.

What did you want the listener to feel when turning up to "Take Me Back"? Did you want to leave them with a sense of hope and optimism?

It's funny because I'm still not sure if this song is a happy or sad song. It never actually resolves. Technically they aren't together, but then you know that they also have had this fire-burning love.

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