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Danjul Carefully Pieces Together Jammin' New Hit "Faded Destiny"

We love the dreamy beginning on Danjul's new hit, "Faded Destiny." Danjul exhibits multifaceted lyrical abilities that showcase a wide range of talent on his latest release, "Faded Destiny." Danjul's ghostly, memorizing voice envelopes "Faded Destiny" to create a languishing aurora on the track. His voice skips a beat like a dancer pops and locks their body on stage. This unique artist from Covina, California, focuses on creating passionate vocals that are reminiscent and rich in storytelling to communicate to the listener.

"Faded Destiny" encompasses and electro-pop synergy with high production values. The distorted piano keys played throughout the track, create a cinematic element to the song, and the listener can envision the emotional and darker subject matter Denjul is communicating. "Faded Destiny," tells the story of a person in anguish, a heart suspended in time waiting for answers from the object of his affection. The story is told through Danjul's carefully crafted and descriptive lyrics. Lyrics like " You got me goin' insane, you make me feel a certain way, you got me so caught up in this love" and "Ask yourself if I deserve what your doing girl," give the listener a taste of the eternal torture Danjul is singing about. The thumb snapping clicks tick along like a clock, waiting for absolution. We cannot get enough of Danjul's "Faded Destiny." We know you will feel the same.

Discover "Faded Destiny" here.

Hello Danjul and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your emotional new track "Faded Destiny". Can you tell the listeners a bit more about the song and what the overall tone was you set the song to? Hey! Thanks for having me! When I wrote "Faded Destiny" I envisioned a very atmospheric vocal performance with a mixture of pop, R&B/Trap feel. The track itself went through so many different transitions! But the version you guys heard and that it out is the version I felt most connected with. The song is basically about "uncertainty" in a relationship and the yearning for "time" with the one you're falling for. Everything I write is something personal I've experienced. I truly am so glad people are liking it! It definitely has a vibe!  "Faded Destiny" really does make your entire body feel the vibes you are sending out. Is that an important aspect for you when you make music making it not just as a listening experience but something listeners can feel throughout their senses? Thanks for saying that! Of course, when I write any song, I want my listener to feel everything! Not just the beat, but the vocal the lyrics everything! I work really hard at creating quality songs that people will remember.  What has growing up in Covina, California, meant to your creative flow and how has it infused your artistry? Haha, Wow, A lot of people don't know where Covina is lol, But I hope to put it on the map one day soon! But growing up there was cool... and all my childhood/Teen memories are from there. And I do write about it in my music because certain important events that occurred while I was living there have inspired me to write about that time in my life. And I think it's a story that people will want to know... and hear about.

What does the creative process look like for you? Is there anything, in particular, that really gets your creativity flowing?

I'm a little weird! Haha, I normally start with a melody and or sometimes just a title of a song... I record everything on my iPhone. But I have a lot going on in this head so sometimes my ideas are so crazy I get mind-crowded and I just start writing weird shit and I get back to get later and start writing a song. I honestly write my best when I'm sad, or going through something.....I've written 5 songs in 20 mins onetime. 

What can we expect to hear next from you, Danjul? Just promoting "Faded Destiny"!! It was released on April 24th 2020 and in May it had over 8,000 plays on Spotify! I know that's little compared to other acts out but to me it's everything! Because I haven't really started the full marketing campaign yet for the single. In the Fall I'll be releasing another song I'm excited about! It's just been hard due to the climate of what's going on in the world...But I'm doing my best to stay focus and grinding as a new artist.

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