Danny Bowens Passes It to the Left With New Single "Stoned & Alone"

Today we are given the gift of music from the amazing Danny Bowens with his new single "Stoned & Alone". Growing up in Cape Cod, Danny Bowens has been all over the world and now finds himself in Los Angeles.

"Stoned & Alone" is a sonic spell that makes you smile and feel good, even though it does have a sad undertone lyrically. Lines about “we used to smoke joints, now I just hit bowls” shows that he had a possible love interest that he shared a past time hobby of smoking weed with. Musically, the song is so uplifting. The vocal performance also is amazing and speaks to the influence of Post Malone and Hozier, which are some of Danny Bowens' influences. The production of the song is incredible, while still charming and showcases the independent spirit. It's nice to hear music that's not so overproduced and far from reality. "Stoned & Alone" closes up under 3 minutes and leaves you eager for more. Danny Bowens luckily has a vast catalog of music and leaves listeners able to dive into more songs!

Listen to "Stoned & Alone" here.