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Danny McGaw Solves All Life’s Problems With “Lets Go Get Ice Cream”

Ice cream makes everything better. It could be 50 below out and it can still solve all the world’s problems (but not mint chocolate chip- that’s toothpaste people). “Lets go get ice cream” is a soulful indie rock song with the heart of a whimsical folk song. From the down home sound of the acoustic guitar, the steadfast beat, and Danny’s comforting voice, “Lets go get ice cream” is a perfectly concocted piece of art (much like chocolate peanut butter ice cream). The song puts into perspective the elements of life we get hung up on, our flaws that weigh us down and those around us. We should all take a page from Danny’s lyrics and “Go Get Ice Cream, Lets go get drunk, Lets go see a movie, Have some fun, Quit the fighting, move along”. It’s the best advice we’ve heard in a long time.

McGaw, from Salford, England began his career as a pro soccer player in Northern England before moving to the United States where he traded his soccer cleats in for a guitar and started writing music. In 2013 he formed the folk band, Wells the Traveler, recording two albums before relocating back to the West Coast in 2015, it was there were he found fellow music companions Tim Arlon, (piano), Matt Cheadle’s (guitar), Tim Hutton (bass), and Greg Weiser's (drums) who, together form Danny McGaw and the 33. Their latest and highly anticipated album: “Northern Lad” is the most invigorated form of Danny’s music to date with its “big hooks, guitars, and harmonies”. “Let’s Go Get Ice Cream” launches today for your listening pleasure!

Listen to "Let's Go Get Ice Cream" here and get to know more about Danny McGaw below!

Hello, welcome to Buzz Music. Congratulations on your latest single “Lets go get Ice cream”. Can you tell our audience a bit about your latest single?

Let's Go Get Ice Cream is a song about forgiving life for its heartache.  Recorded by Grammy winner Tim V Hutton at The Canyon Hut, Laurel Canyon, CA.  The music video was directed Michael Estrella.  Staring Scout Taylor Compton.  It was on location in Ojai, CA. 

How has the West coast shaped your song creating?

I came to the west coast when I was 19, I spent several years honing my craft as an amplified street performer touring the west coast.  It was here I fell in love with American folk music, and the power of story in song.

Who have your musical influences been throughout your life?

As a teenager in Manchester England I was heavily influenced by Brit Pop. Ocean Color Scene, Radiohead, Oasis, Stereophonincs.  Later folk music really captivated me, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, Donavan, Paul Simon.  Tom Petty is also a massive influence in my songwriting.  

What can we expect to hear in your new album Northern Lad?

The new record is a collection of my finest songs over the last few years, rock and roll with lyrical poetry at its heart.  Songs that touch the heaviness of life but always with a shining light of redemption in view.

If you would indulge, what is your favorite kind of ice cream?

Mudslide because chocolate wins.

What's next for you through 2019?

Were about to start filming our next video for the next single "Lost Without You"  I've just signed a new publishing deal with Arlon songs (UK) and Riptide (US).  We some CA tour dates coming up with The Fabulous Thunderbirds and some with Three Dog Night.  Ultimately leading the release of Northern Lad before the end of the year.


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