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DannyDior captures a Unique, Mysterious Vibe in His Newest Track; “Strictly Gang”

From an early age, DannyDior’s passion for music had taken over his dreams. Falling in love with the creative process, he eventually began exploring his writing and production at the age of 17. After becoming a part of Maniac Productions, he dropped his first mixtape in early 2020. His producer, hope on the block, has worked with him on all previous releases and continues to stick by his side through his musical journey. His newest track, “Strictly Gang,” captures a unique vibe that we absolutely loved! DannyDior’s rapping style is what drew us in when we listened to“Strictly Gang” for the first time. His vocals have a dry, raspy, monotone presence that makes you curious about what comes next. Combined with a vibrato pedal tone in the background and a spacey low-end kick, it is evident that DannyDior understands what his listeners crave. To add to this, the hi-hats open and close, giving the beat a sense of push and pull. We can most definitely hear some of the influences behind his music in this song. Some of which include Drake, Nipsey, and Hussle. Even since his debut release in February of 2020, we can see that DannyDior continues to progress and improve. This mysterious track will have you locked in from start to finish. Don’t miss out on DannyDior’s newest release, “Strictly Gang.”

You can find "Strictly Gang" here.

Hello DannyDior! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We know that music has always been a love of yours from an early age and you started writing your own songs at the age of 17. What do you think drew you into music? What inspired you to take it a step further and start writing your own songs?

Hi thank you guys for having me!  I was drawn into music at a young age because it was always around me but it wasn’t until I heard Kanye West's “graduation” album that drew me deep into hip hop music and made me want to branch out more into the rap scene and discover more. What inspired me to take music a step further was my best friend passing away because he believed in me more than I did so everything I accomplish musically is for him. I was inspired to write my own songs because I loved the feeling of creating and expressing how I felt because I knew I wasn’t the only one that felt this way so why not be that voice.

We loved the mysterious vibe behind “Strictly Gang”. What can you say about the meaning behind those lyrics and how the song was inspired?

Strictly gang is a song I made randomly one night and just felt like making something catchy but still hold meaning. When I finished making it I instantly knew it was special! And I’m genuinely happy everyone enjoys it 

We know you have a lot of influences when it comes to music. Some include Drake, Nipsey, and Hussle. Can you tell us more about how these artists inspire you and help shape the way you create music?

They all inspire me in different ways like drake inspires me to continue to work hard and have quality music more than just quantity of music, and Nipsey inspires me to own my music and to build something from the ground up and just be a boss before anything else. 

Kanye inspires me by just being confident in yourself and creating art not just music and he definitely has A strong impact on how I make music today. 

ASAP Rocky is also someone I’m inspired by a lot Not only because his music but how he carries himself and he was an artist I discovered when he had just come out and I remember watching the Peso Video and seeing his style and charisma, it made me realize that you don’t have to be a certain way to be in rap music and I’m forever impacted by him because of that. 

You’ve accomplished a lot so early in your career. What would you say is your biggest dream or goal with your music? Will you be working towards this in the near future?

I’m very blessed to have accomplished what I have so far but there are so many more goals I need to complete. My biggest goal probably goes beyond music but my goal as of right now is to just keep working hard and show the world how much talent the IE really has because I feel like we’re left out of the conversation of talent and not just in music but overall talent and if given a platform I would like to show off the talent we have here because it really is something special. 

What can we expect next from you DannyDior?

More music more music more music! I have so much music it’s crazy but I’ve dropped 3 tapes this year And you can expect a couple more before this year over but my latest project “carousel” is out now on all streaming platforms so stream that while I finish up these next projects. Thank you buzz music! Having another interview like this is definitely what we can expect also, you guys are great. Thank you. 



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