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Darren Waller Stays Solid On His Inspiring New Release “Faith Test”

The light is never far away, even for those stuck in darkness.

Somewhere deep within the bustling metropolis of the Big Apple lies a unique, dynamic talent who continues to extend its brilliant legacy with every release. Darren Waller—a titan of the football field and a humble student of the realm of music, has managed to excel at both.

Waller's athletic prowess demands attention as a tight end for the illustrious New York Giants. Still, with releases like his much-acclaimed debut single “Came Back (Comeback Stories)” and his hit song “Sweep” making waves, you’re gonna want to pay attention to his music just as much, if not more.

Some would say that Waller has always been destined for the big stage. A direct descendant of the renowned jazz pianist, organist, and composer Fats Waller, Darren Waller’s musical roots run deep. You can hear it in his approach to music; everything seems so natural, from Waller’s relaxed yet charismatic delivery to his ear for mesmerizing beats that maximize his potential.

He puts his soul into each and every release, and where this talented artist is concerned, commitment to music is more than simply a creative outlet. Combined with his full-time commitment to being an athlete, it’s a testament to his tenacity and the transformative power of art.

Waller’s latest release, “Faith Test,” will definitely leave you feeling invigorated after the first listen. An addictive vocal loop forms the background of an instrumental performance that evokes references to jazz and soul. “Because niggas always moving the goalpost when you kicking / Love ya life you ain’t even gotta show folks how you living / Just go be the light,” Waller raps, sounding introspective and incredibly aware. In many ways, “Faith Test” is a stark look at life in general, cutting through all the bullshit. There will be challenges and rough nights, but as long as you have faith, Waller wants you to know that you might bend but never break.

Darren Waller’s latest release, “Faith Test,” is a captivating and introspective release that will give you some food for thought. Whenever you’re ready, tap in and stream Darren Waller’s “Faith Test” on all majour platforms. Check out the music video as well; out now on YouTube.


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